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My 2020 Vision: One Year Early

I’ve been writing a bit lately about the happenings of our 10th Anniversary Weekend last October (2018) in a Sybaris pool suite.  I don’t know if Angel even remembers this exact conversation, per se, but I may have actually kind of planted a seed at the time which might have somehow been given some Miracle Gro and started coming to fruition a full year faster than I expected!

To elaborate, one night laying in bed after giving Angel several of her 52 orgasms for that weekend, I recall telling her of my 2020 Vision.  Nothing to do with my eyesight (though that is nearly 20/20 as well!)  I told her then and I’ll say it again now:  If you haven’t heard that term thrown around much yet, I’m quite sure it WILL become a very common catch phrase for anything from politics to corporate planning meetings, you name it..  Anything referring to plans for the year 2020 will be called a “2020 Vision.”  Then I’m sure, the following year everyone will start reflecting back on the year they had, with perfect “2020 Hindsight,” and those phrases will both get very worn out in their public usage.  You heard it here first!  🙂

Anyhow, MY particular 2020 Vision involved chastity.  Obviously–what else would I be thinking of and writing here?  Specifically, my vision involved a full year of continuous lock-up in my Jail Bird chastity device.

One year is a very lofty goal when it comes to chastity!  I’m certainly not the first to think of trying it, nor will I be anywhere near the first to achieve it.  I’ve read several accounts of people who have gone a full year at a time, some even multiple years!  Some stories tend to seem a bit suspect to me, but others I’d say are most likely legit.  It does take some time to let your body adjust to being caged and work UP to that kind of goal, but it is definitely doable.  Back in October 2018 when we were having this conversation, my longest duration at that time was 6+ months, so I did know what it was like to be in it for the long term.

But why 2020?  Why didn’t I just propose to be locked for a year right then and there?  Well, for one thing (in my mind at least) I didn’t really anticipate Angel being ready for that kind of long commitment at that time.  I figured we’d be doing pretty well if we made it to my June birthday, which would put us around 8 months and be a new personal record.  Secondly, we had some vacation plans (including flying) in July, so I REALLY did not anticipate being locked to go through airport security!  I guess I kind of figured that if I were unlocked sometime around June/July, Angel could have the rest of 2019 to keep me locked as much as she wanted, let me OUT whenever she wanted, and maybe by then she’d be game for locking me back up come January 1, 2020 with a goal of 1 year.

When I first proposed this “2020 vision,” I have to say that Angel did not exactly jump on board with both feet.  She was rather reluctant to commit to it, actually.  She was concerned about it being a very long time for HER to go without having me out for “real” sex, which she DOES still enjoy greatly!  And she’s absolutely right, it is a very long time!  I didn’t really press it after that, just let the subject die on the vine.  But then Angel WAS willing to lock the keys to my Jail Bird into the lock box controlled by EmlaLock, for a random duration that she knew would end sometime by my June birthday..  So with neither of us having any access to the keys at all, she was clearly at least willing to possibly go for THAT long!

The only time it really became an issue and Angel was really wishing that she could let me out, was that work trip to Las Vegas that came up suddenly back in early May.  By that point, especially given that I was traveling alone, I was perfectly willing to try my luck through the airport security lines to see what happened.  Angel on the other hand, was very nervous about it FOR me! But as I’ve written previously, that turned out to be a complete non-event.  Really, I think that experience itself may have kind of opened Angel’s eyes to the fact that I can truly do pretty much ANYTHING in chastity!  Hygiene isn’t really an issue (at least with the more “open” type of device like mine), my daily work/home routines are completely unaffected, I’ve been to the doctor locked, I’ve been through countless metal detectors locked, you name it!  TSA checkpoints were kind of an ultimate test and I passed that one with flying colors too!

Still, I fully expected that as soon as my EmlaLock session was complete (or shortly thereafter), Angel would be very anxious to get me out and feel me inside of her again.  Boy, was I wrong!  To be fair, we were out of town on a (smaller) vacation during the week that the time on my EmlaLock session came to an end.  So I knew I wouldn’t be out then.  But then another week went by, and another.  And another.  At this point all I’d have to do is go into EmlaLock and get my own code back to the lockbox, but I dare not do that without Angel’s blessing!  Suddenly it was time for our bigger July vacation via airplane, and she STILL said nothing about letting me out!

Luckily, we were able to through airport security a second time with no issues either direction.  [I’m not sure I’ve written specifically about that experience yet either, so stay tuned for more on that subject!] When we returned, over a month after Angel COULD have elected to have me released, we finally got around to really talking about my current situation.

From my side, I could tell Angel really seemed to be truly enjoying keeping me locked as long as possible!  It was a real head trip for the months when neither of us could access the keys at all, but it became downright HOT when it was her clear choice to not let me out!  Angel agreed that while she does indeed miss having me inside her, she has also been having a lot of fun denying me as well.  After all, especially after such a long lock-up I wouldn’t last more than a few thrusts the first time anyway, and we have plenty of OTHER ways to get her off!  I did not know how tight this Jail Bird could actually get on me, until I heard those words coming out of Angel’s mouth with complete sincerity!

The more we talked, Angel revealed that as close as we were getting to it she would really kind of like to see if we could make it a year.  At least.  That would put us at a minimum into “Locktober 2019.”  So being Locktober, it would be silly not to go on through the end of that month, right?  But then… can we forget about the following month of “No-Vember??”  Then after that, I’ve written a whole song for her that we like to play every year called “I’ll Be Locked for Christmas…”  So should I even be out at all in 2019??  Now, I truly have ZERO idea where her mind is, and when she might actually opt to release me.  Yet somehow, it feels even better to be locked in that kind of situation than it was when I knew (or could at least predict) my end date!

As for my current EmlaLock session, I am at 312 days and counting.  Clearly I can end the session any time and get access to the keys, but then the counter will reset and we may never see it back in the 300’s again.  Am I looking at 12 months for my current sentence in the Jail Bird?  14 months?  More?  I do not know. But one thing is certain:  Angel has fully embraced this lifestyle and as long as she continues to be happy with it there is no doubt I will be in my own happy place as well!

I may have had a vision for possible things to come in the year 2020, but it looks like that magic is happening in 2019 instead.  Have I mentioned recently that I am SUCH a lucky man?!


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