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Here’s a recent reader question that I wanted to go ahead and address here.

sinful asks:

Hey there,
I’m exploring chastity and handing over the keys to someone for safe keeping. Just wondering how was your first experience? I’m a horny young male and can’t imagine not releasing on a daily basis.



As written previously in my post titled “Flying Chaste,” I had my first experience this year with going through airport security while locked in a stainless steel chastity device. If you haven’t read that one, I would highly recommend going back to check it out before proceeding with this post. But the bottom line is, I went through the full body scanners at TWO different airports, with NO ISSUES whatsoever!

This was kind of an odd year travel-wise for me, because we really do not fly particularly often. But this year I ended up having two trips by plane! The first was a business trip that I wrote about previously, and the second was a family vacation to the great state of Hawaii that we had already planned for this summer.

When we were planning this, I REALLY did not expect to be locked for that vacation. I did not think for a second that there would be any remote possibility that Angel would even consider having me go through airport security while locked. I mean, what if I were stopped and had to explain what was going on in my pants that couldn’t be removed? What if a pat down wasn’t enough to satisfy TSA and they had to drag me off into some back room for a visual inspection before letting me make my flight?

Frankly I don’t think I would care about any of that if it happened to me — personally. But here were going on a trip with not only our two young boys, but also my mother and sister (and her husband and two kids). With 9 of us total going through the airport security lines basically together, SOMEBODY would be sure to notice if I was being hassled for some reason by a TSA agent. And they’d probably end up asking me about it, in front of the whole family of course, and what the hell kind of story would I be able to come up with to appease their curiosity? That is why I fully expected that Angel would have me unlocked prior to that trip.

Boy was I wrong!


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I’ve been writing a bit lately about the happenings of our 10th Anniversary Weekend last October (2018) in a Sybaris pool suite.  I don’t know if Angel even remembers this exact conversation, per se, but I may have actually kind of planted a seed at the time which might have somehow been given some Miracle Gro and started coming to fruition a full year faster than I expected!

To elaborate, one night laying in bed after giving Angel several of her 52 orgasms for that weekend, I recall telling her of my 2020 Vision.  Nothing to do with my eyesight (though that is nearly 20/20 as well!)  I told her then and I’ll say it again now:  If you haven’t heard that term thrown around much yet, I’m quite sure it WILL become a very common catch phrase for anything from politics to corporate planning meetings, you name it..  Anything referring to plans for the year 2020 will be called a “2020 Vision.”  Then I’m sure, the following year everyone will start reflecting back on the year they had, with perfect “2020 Hindsight,” and those phrases will both get very worn out in their public usage.  You heard it here first!  🙂

Anyhow, MY particular 2020 Vision involved chastity.  Obviously–what else would I be thinking of and writing here?  Specifically, my vision involved a full year of continuous lock-up in my Jail Bird chastity device.


Last October I wrote a couple pieces about Angel and I taking a 10th anniversary trip to a Sybaris resort, and WOW was that a great time! Looking back, I REALLY did not do that trip justice in my writing. You can see a couple pics of our accommodations from that weekend here, and here is a short piece about the couple times that I was briefly unlocked that weekend, before sealing the keys away… for a VERY long time! I wanted to write so much more about that weekend, so I’m sorry that my blogging has kind of had to take a back seat to other, more “vanilla” things in life since that point.

Things I had intended to write about include the 52 orgasms that Angel had, compared to the grand total of 2 for myself, which I did write about previously. Yes you read that right, FIFTY TWO orgasms for Angel over that 3 day period. We counted! 52-2 was the final tally. We clearly did not leave the room much, but if you’ve seen those pictures I posted before can you blame us? Lol And of course with me being locked for 99% of that time, we found SO many new positions and ways to get HER off than we’d ever thought possible! Of course the van full of toys that we brought along helped a lot, as did buying even more (larger pieces) while there. Ever seen the Liberator Esse? Let me tell you the ‘Deep Impact’ position on their chart is absolutely AMAZING, even if I’m only allowed to do that with Angel while wearing a strap-on (which happens to be exactly how that happened!) Never mind the fact that we barely had the space to squeeze the Esse into our van behind the middle seats to even bring it home!