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Public Displays of Chastity?

Angel and I have been taking some dance lessons together for a little while now, and recently got back into the routine of that after taking nearly a year off due to Angel having a little accident and breaking her leg right above the ankle. Last week we had one of our private lessons, followed immediately by a group class which we’d signed up for that week.

In the groups, men and women are lined up opposite each other to learn our respective steps separately. Then we try them again with a partner. Most folks generally at least begin with the partner they came with, but there are also sometimes singles in the group on either side; and anyways after a couple of practice steps with your partner they make it a point to rotate the line so that everybody essentially dances with everybody else at various points through the night. It is a good system, and we’ve both learned a lot more that way from people who had already learned from past missteps, and can sometimes offer more practical pointers than what the instructors might necessarily think of on the spot.

Anyway, the point is that last week while rotating through the line, there was one woman in particular that I ended up dancing with a few times whom I couldn’t help but notice was wearing a nice little charm on her necklace in the form of a heart-shaped key. I realize that odds are, this is just a completely innocent little symbol: “key to my heart” type of romantic mumbo jumbo. But of course my rather kinky, chastity brain started wondering if maybe, just maybe it was something deeper than that and she actually has somebody locked up!

There was not just one but TWO guys on my side of the line who seemed to be very close and maybe overly-friendly with her, and I was not entirely sure who she had even come with–possibly both of them?! Could one or both of these dudes be sporting a cage inside their pants? Of course I’ll never know for sure, just as nobody else at the dance studio will ever know about MY hidden secret!

I told Angel about my theory on the drive home that evening. At first I think she was a bit taken aback that I was paying that much attention to other attractive women, but that really can’t be helped in that particular type of learning environment! Angel agreed, that the key on this lady’s necklace could mean anything (or nothing). She relayed a similar story of a time when she was getting her hair done, and two of the stylists were chatting with each other about tattoos and such. One stylist told a story about some friends of hers (a couple), where the man has a tattoo of a little heart-shaped lock and his wife has a corresponding tattoo of a key. As the stylist was gushing about how adorable those two are together, Angel just sat there thinking that there could be a MUCH deeper meaning behind the tattoos than what the stylist could even imagine!

As much as I’m on here writing my blog as well as perusing other similar forums, chastity has a tendancy to start feeling like it’s a fairly mainstream thing. I know it’s not really, but I do always wonder just how common it might be in the real world. Chances are I’ll never meet anybody at a (non-kink) event who introduces themselves and immediately adds the fact that they are in chastity, or are the key-holder of a chaste person. But how many people do you suppose enjoy very subtly telling the world of their status via nondescript symbols in the form of necklace pendants or tattoos, etc.?

On the dance floor, I did have to bite my tongue at least once to keep from blurting out at least a small compliment to this woman about her necklace. Would that be out of line? I don’t know if it would be or not, but at the risk of making awkward moments for the rest of the class any time the two of us were paired up, I didn’t do it.

Feel free to share if you have (or know anybody who has) any publicly viewable displays of chastity, or any other kinky thing for that matter! Is it a symbol that could pass to the average “vanilla” person as completely innocent/romantic, but only has a deeper meaning to YOU or anyone else who shares your secret?

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