Weeks of Independence

Posted: August 14, 2018 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Self Bondage, Sex

Note: I’ve had this post mostly written in my drafts folder for far too long! I apologize for the delay… I’ve gotten very lazy with my blog this summer and am definitely going to try and do better with it again going forward!


In my last post I hinted at sharing a story of some of our own 4th of July fireworks that Angel and I made together, so here it goes!

To start with, Angel and I have really come to enjoy experimenting with all sorts of different things in the bedroom, from different toys (vibrating, insertables, impact, etc.) to various articles of clothing (or lack thereof!) A couple of times recently I’ve been trying out a new little “outfit” I’d picked up somewhere which is basically just a stretchy, skin-tight, black spandex type of material that fits over my torso and crotch area. Sort of an adult “onesy” if you will. It feels great the way it sort of squeezes and compresses my body from all around, and Angel has had a lot of fun being able to easily glide around on top of me!

Going all the way back to the night BEFORE Independence Day, on July 3rd after the kids were sound asleep I was wearing this for Angel. It has one little hole built into it which somewhat exposes the ass, but this night I decided to turn it around and basically wear it backwards, so that my chastity cage could poke through that hole instead. It really was quite comfortable! As anyone who reads my blog very often would also probably know, I also have kind of a thing for a bit of self-bondage once in a while, or at least getting myself into bondage situations that only Angel will be able to free me from after she “finds” me in such a position. So preparing to have a little fun, I slipped into the leather cuffs that we leave conveniently under the edges of our mattress, and cinched them tightly to the bed until I was completely stuck and waiting for Angel.

It didn’t take very long, as apparently Angel had heard me doing this from the other room and was getting pretty excited herself! She came into the room, quickly disrobed, and began rubbing herself up and down my chest, just enjoying the sensations. Then she reached under the bed for her Magic Wand, placed it between my legs and rode it to a couple of good “starter orgasms” while I helplessly watched from below her, the Jail Bird getting tighter and tighter as time went on.

What happened next really kind of surprised me, and became the highlight of our night! Angel really liked the looks of my caged member sticking through the black spandex, but said it would look even better if “free!” She pondered for a little while whether or not she wanted to release me. Deciding she did, she reached over to grab the key from her nightstand drawer. This is where I assumed I would probabably be getting freed from my bonds, as she typically has me actually remove the security screw and cage whenever she’s in the mood for that. But not that night! Keeping me tied to the bed, she started trying to remove the screw by herself! Being the first time she’d ever done this I had to kind of walk her through it a bit, explaining that the key will only fit in the screw head one way. Once she got it started, the cage was off pretty quickly and I was immediately swelling up in size. There’s no way that base ring would have been coming off very easily, so I had her just rotate it to where the locking post was at the bottom where it would be more comfortable for both of us–no matter what else Angel had planned for me!

Stopping for a moment, Angel asked if there was anything in particular that I would like for her to do while I was out. Thinking about it, I told her that she could literally do anything she liked; the one thing I would ask, but it would be up to her to enforce it in the end, would be to make me clean up (eat) anything that came out of my body. I often seem to fantasize about being subjected to that, and on the rare occasions that I’m let out for sex I will generally “plan” on cleaning her up with my tongue after I come… but after the deed is done my mindset completely changes and I can’t make myself actually go there!

Taking in that little bit of information, Angel slid on down my spandex body and wrapped her mouth around my (correction: HER) throbbing dick. She teased me over and over with her tongue until I was just about ready to explode! I pulled and strained against the tethers holding my arms to the corners of the bed but they are quite strong and would not budge an inch! My hips thrust upwards pushing my dick further into her mouth until finally I did come with the force that may only be possible after a couple months or so of chastity!

Angel sucked up every drop, holding it in her mouth and looking at me with a little smirk. Suddenly I almost dreaded what was coming next, but I knew she was probably going to give me exactly what I had asked for. Sure enough, she slid back up my body and locked her lips to mind, transferring the load from her mouth to mine. It almost made me gag a bit, but I swallowed it down and loved the feeling of being so utterly submissive to Angel. Still tied to the bed, only let out of my chastity cage at HER whim, and being made to eat my own come after she was finished with me. Only she WASN’T even quite finished with me, as she quickly repositioned her magic wand between my legs once more and rode to a couple more gigantic orgasms to finish the night out with! I have become Angel’s personal, live sex toy, and truth be told I couldn’t be happier with that situation!

Once she was fully satiated, Angel finally released me from the cuffs so I could go to the bathroom to clean up. I asked if I should put the cage back on, to which she replied that it was up to me, but she wouldn’t even care if I left it off until after our next vacation that’s coming up about 1 1/2 weeks later where we will be flying out of the country this time. That’s quite a while to be “free” for a guy who has become accustomed to months on end of lock-up.

But we’ll see.. I may just have to lock back up sooner than that, but I AM pretty certain that Angel is not going to want to take any chances with chastity at the airport. If I was traveling alone or even with only her, I may have tried to persuade her otherwise. But since the entire family (including my mother) will also be along on this trip, I will probably just abide by that and not take any unnecessary risks of discovery.

End Note: A few days of Independence following being unlocked on the 4th of July has morphed into several weeks of being out, thus the updated title of this post. More to come about my longest time being unlocked in… I don’t even know HOW long. Years, probably.


  1. I always want to eat my own cum in the lead up to orgasm, but just like everyone else as soon as I cum the desire leaves me immediately. I had one male partner who got me to eat it twice, and both times it was this fascinating mixture of hot and repulsive at the same time. The first time he did it to me, he made me jerk off and cum onto his cock. Being a good submissive I did as I was told, and as soon as I came he ordered me to lick him clean. I hesitated for a long moment, but then I followed his orders. It was humiliating but totally hot too.

  2. Welcome to the club of eating your own cum. I now actually crave it and MrsL has way stronger orgasms when I am cleaning her out after being allowed to orgasm inside her!

  3. I liked the part where you wrote:

    “the one thing I would ask, but it would be up to her to enforce it in the end, would be to make me clean up (eat) anything that came out of my body. I often seem to fantasize about being subjected to that, and on the rare occasions that I’m let out for sex I will generally „plan“ on cleaning her up with my tongue after I come… but after the deed is done my mindset completely changes and I can’t make myself actually go there”

    I always thought it’s only me and my “weakness”, that I have this fantasy. To the point, that I feel the climax and release, then this wish is gone. And a few hours later I am so sorry that this cleaning didn’t happen. So now I am happy, that I am a totally normal pervert 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fabulous time. I understand your reluctance to drink yourself. But I now know my taste better than my first wife! lol

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