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Me Time…

Angel has been out of town this week visiting some family, and I sure do miss her! I’ve been keeping busy and pretty productive around the house in her absence (painting the boys’ room, etc.), but at night when I’m alone in our big bed… That’s when it usually seems to hit the hardest. Luckily it’s only for a couple of days, so she will be back again tonight!

In the mean time, I wanted to write briefly about a couple of new experiences that I’ve had this week while locked. The first one being that I DID go to the doctor for an annual physical for the first time in chastity! I was a little bit emboldened the last time I went for a check-up (unlocked that time) and found out that apparently they don’t really do the little testicular check much anymore… If he’s not going to be feeling around down there, I see no reason that I would “need” to be unlocked!

And it’s true, it was no big deal at all. All we talked about was my general health, cholesterol, exercise (or lack thereof!); all that type of normal mundane stuff. If he HAD tried to go south with it, my contingency plan was to stop him and ask if this would be considered a “kink-friendly” type of practice… then would of course have to explain why I was asking and effectively be “out” to my doctor. But you know, at this stage in my life I think I would be OK with that. But at the same time I’m also VERY OK with the fact that the conversation did NOT have to happen there! 🙂

The other thing I’ve done this week, I kind of splurged for a little bit of “me time” and went to a FLOAT spa. Has anybody ever heard of, or done this? Basically you get into this giant tank with like 10 inches of 97 degree water and several hundred pounds of epsom salt. You close the lid, the lights go out and you just float on your back in complete darkness and silence for the duration (90 minutes at this place). With zero outside stimuli, your brain can just completely disengage for a while letting your body completely relax and heal..

I’d heard of this several times and always kind of wanted to try it at least once just to see if it lived up to the hype. And if I can just say, it did! It was kind of an odd experience to start with, as one of the first thing I noticed just a few minutes into the float is that the tops of my shoulders and into my neck just felt very “heavy,” and just… weird. Raising my arms over my head helped to relieve that for a little bit but it was still a very interesting sensation–as if all of the tension from my back was just sort of rolling out of my body through that point. A little while later I felt a very similar sensation in the calves of my legs and down through my ankles. In both instances, it didn’t last particularly long and once that feeling subsided it did become quite a relaxing time!

I think I did kind of doze off a little bit towards the end, and was startled awake when the lights and music suddenly came back on. But after climbing out and having a shower to rinse off all of the salt, I definitely noticed that all the little aches I’d been having in my knees, back, etc. were no longer bothersome in the least! I went home, kind of relaxed for the rest of the night, and slept like a baby (but for missing my Angel cuddling up next to me!)

So that story doesn’t really have anything to do with chastity, other than of course I was locked during that time as well. You’re in a little room and get in the water to start the session completely alone, so it’s not like there’s even any chance of discovery like with a regular massage or something.

But just on a general “kinky” note: a couple times I did kind of press my legs together with my arms straight down at my sides in the dark, and thought that probably the only thing that could possibly make the sensory deprivation experience any better would be if there was any way to do it while bound! Lol

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