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Holy Trainer V3 Review – Part2

OK, it’s time to get down a little bit into the nitty gritty of the Holy Trainer V3, now that I’ve had a couple of days to check it out. You can read my initial assessment upon recieving the new device in Part 1, HERE.

Installing the HTV3:

Since I ordered two different sized base rings to try out, I opted first to go with the smallest (40 mm). If I started experiencing pain from being too tight, I could always go on up to the 45 mm ring, but I didn’t want to risk leaving enough room in the beginning for a ball to slip through or anything like that. I’ve gotten pretty used to slipping myself into a solid ring, and this one was just as easy to get into as my Jail Bird, so no issues there! It is snug, and doesn’t appear to be cutting off any circulation or anything, so it looks like 40 mm might be the proper size for me with this particular device.

Next came the cage portion of the HTV3. I slipped right into it with no problem then had to figure out how to get it to attach to the base ring. The back portion of this cage actually slips UNDER the top of the ring. I was worried about this at first, since the ring already felt pretty snug on its own, but when I pushed it it did slide right into place and the locking hasp on top lined up perfectly. This is the first time I’ve had a cage that actually starts further back on my body than the base ring, and it’s actually VERY nice! It looks like it could be virtually impossible for excess skin, hair, etc. to get between the two pieces and pinch, because the only place they come together is way up on top where it locks. The solid piece of plastic directly underneath the locking mechanism holds everything back and makes it very easy to get everything fitted together without needing a third hand to hold skin out of the way. Add points for the Holy Trainer!

Securing the HTV3:

The locking portion of the HTV3 is also unlike anything I’ve ever used before. Other devices probably do use something similar, I just haven’t seen them myself. A standard padlock is out of the question, but the “Magic Locker” seems to do its job well! It’s kind of nice how the key won’t even come out of the locking mechanism until it is in the locked position. It took just a little bit of fiddling to get it pushed all the way through the nub on top of the base ring and get it to where it would catch on the other side. Once locked, everything was nice and tight with zero movement between the cage and ring, just as I like it! The only thing I will say, is that a fairly short time later it seemed like something might have slipped internally just a little bit, and the catch at the end of the magic locker might now be sort of in the tiny gap between the “left nub” of the base ring and the center nub from the cage portion… I don’t know if I’m describing that very well or not but I’m not really sure what other term to use for those pieces of plastic. From what I can tell there’s still no chance of the lock coming out or anything, so it’s still very secure. But it does wiggle the tiniest amount between the two pieces of the device. It’s hardly noticable though, so I won’t detract any points for that issue as long as it doesn’t get any worse.

Bathroom/Hygiene issues with HTV3:

When using the bathroom at home I am definitely in the habit of always sitting these days, and that’s no problem. However I have gotten used to being able to use public urinals fairly easily while wearing my Jail Bird, so I was a little bit worried about that with the Holy Trainer. So far, it’s been mostly a non-issue! Everything still seems to generally line up with the slit at the end of the cage, and I have successfully used a urinal several times now. Only once have I whipped it out to find I was NOT lined up properly inside the cage and couldn’t fix that issue very discretely. In that case I just sort of grunted and walked away as if I’d just realized that I did have to do #2 afterall so headed for a stall. I’m sure nobody else in the men’s room even gave it a second thought!

When it comes to general hygiene, the HTV3 is definitely much more difficult to keep clean than my Jail Bird. It is comparable to what I remember from my CB-6000 though, so I’m pretty sure it’s just the closed tube design of it. One of the main selling points of the Jail Bird for me was the more “open” design, making it much easier to maintain. I’ll still stand by that assessment and I believe that this experience only reinforces that fact. Nonetheless, a couple Q-Tips in the shower with me seems to be good enough to keep the HTV3 at least relatively clean. This won’t be an extremely long-term experience, so hopefully I can make it at least a week or so until my Jail Bird comes back.

I know that a lot of guys prefer for their cages to be more closed in so there is zero chance of being able to touch themselves through the bars. Or in the case of different colored cages (anything but clear) it can be a mind trip of its own to not even be able to SEE the penis for the duration of their lockup. But then, at least in many such cases I also hear of the need to be let out at least once a week or so for a thorough cleaning. There are trade-offs to everything..

Durability & overall comfort of HTV3:

Compared to the plastic of the CB-6000, the HTV3 definitely feels… softer? It is supposedly made of a different material than regular plastic; more of a bio-resin or something like that. I’d heard (maybe from the Holy Trainer site itself, I haven’t gone back to verify) that once warmed up to body temperatures or especially in a very hot bath, the material can get very soft and sort of mold itself to your exact shape very easily. I don’t know that I’ve noticed that, specifically, but it IS pretty comfortable and most of the time I can’t even tell I’m wearing it!

It is also notable that there are no seams down the middle of the cage that could be prone to eventual splitting like the CB-xxxx series. I have done a few minor things (i.e. laying down on my stomach on a hard floor) to see how it felt with this device. I suspect the HTV3 should be able to hold up to pretty much anything that my life could throw its way. It doesn’t really feel as sturdy as my Jail Bird (duh!) but doesn’t feel like it’s going to break on me, either.

Getting “Hard” in the HTV3:

I decided at the last minute to add this criteria for my review after waking up to some fun, sexy time with Angel one morning!  It’s kind of a subset of “overall comfort,” but still kind of merits its own category.  Anybody who’s ever worn a chastity device for any length of time (especially overnight) knows what it’s like to wake up with “morning wood” that can’t go anywhere.  It’s really a pretty pleasant feeling, at least once you get used to it, and serves as a nice reminder of who that dick belongs to!  When getting more intimate with Angel, that feeling grows much stronger and I can always feel myself straining tremendously against the inside of the cage, trying futily to get out.
This scenario is where I have written several times in the past that smaller cages definitely seem to be better (in my opinion) than larger ones.  I’ve gotten both the length and inside diameter of my Jail Bird sized down to where it actually touches skin all the way around the penis when I am COMPLETELY flaccid.  In other words there is absolutely zero room for growth inside the cage!  In the heat of the moment that can be somewhat frustrating but well worth it when Angel can have multiple orgasms on top of me and I end up feeling as though I’ve had my own right along with her!

With the HTV3, just like the CB-6000, there IS room to grow inside the cage.  That means I can start to get a tiny bit hard, and once started it can be almost impossible to “tame the beast!”  Given the chance to grow, I will completely fill up the cage then it just tries to keep on going, pushing the cage straight out away from my body.  That in turn pulls the base ring right along with it, bringing the balls along for the ride as well.  I don’t know that I would call this “painful” anymore, but it is definitely an uncomfortable feeling that I would prefer to live without if possible..  and turns out it IS possible by using a smaller, custom fit cage!

Final thoughts of the HTV3:

For a plastic, off-the shelf purchase, I think the Holy Trainer V3 is a very adequate chastity device. It will work well for me, only really needing it for a backup device. I think it would also be pretty  decent for somebody just starting out with chastiy who may not be ready to spring for a fully custom device. It is very light weight, easy to put on, and the integrated lock is not bulky at all. Now that I’ve used both, this one is probably better (in my opinion) than the CB-6000, but as stated above it would just be nicer for a newbie if it came with multiple rings in the package to try out rather than having to rely on imperfect measuring techniques.

At the end of the day though, my personal preference will still be for my Mature Metal Jail Bird! There’s a little bit of extra heft to it (I’m sure we’re only talking a few ounces difference, but still…) and it just feels much more sturdy, as stainless steel should! Also, with a more open design the Jail Bird is extremely easy to keep clean so virtually NEVER “needs” to come off, but for my key-holder’s discretion!

If anything else comes to mind as I continue wearing the HTV3 then I will come back and update this, but otherwise this can be considered my official review of it. As always, if you have anything to add or differing opinions based on your own experiences, please feel free to let me know!

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