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Chastity Plan B

I am locked back into the Jail Bird again as of today, but with one difference in that it is being held by a regular padlock now instead of the security screw. I was experimenting with it during my short, few days of freedom, and I definitely think that at least the one key is almost completely rounded out and useless now. I could get the screw IN somewhat easily but to back it back out requires catching it at just the right angle with the right amount of pressure (not too hard, for fear of stripping it even more!) Just dry-fitting the cage and base ring together with the screw, I almost didn’t think I was going to get it back out at all, but eventually did. It’s not exactly a chance I want to knowingly take while wearing it though!

I asked Angel if she had the second key to see if it worked any better, but she wasn’t finding it right away. We’ll probably have to clean out her bedside drawer at some point and see if it’s buried in there somewhere! But for now, this will work. I suppose.. Sort of…

I’m definitely not a huge fan of the padlock on this device, and would much rather be back to a security screw! The sideways facing lock just feels extremely bulky to me. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t really keep the cage and base ring completely tight against each other. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to come apart or allow me to squeeze out of it or anything like that, but there is definitely some wiggling between the two parts now. And experience has shown me that wiggling chastity parts tends to lead to occasional pinch points and stray-hair pulling! OUCH!

I have not yet contacted Mature Metal about the key issue, but suspect that I will have to send the whole thing back in to them for repair. While I’m at it, I have also heard that they have a way to sort of “countersink” the screw head into the cage which helps prevent it from working loose over time. I am definitely interested in doing that! Size-wise I think I’m still good, so no need to make any more adjustments there!

I’m just kind of bummed about not having the cage for a week or so, however long it takes to turn it around… Just this last 3 days seemed very strange not being locked, as much as I’ve gotten used to it over the past many months! I don’t really have a very good backup right now either, since my old CB-6000s busted the last time I tried to use it.

So in a moment of weakness (or genius!) what I’ve decided to do is test drive a whole new device!

The HolyTrainer V3 is brand new for 2018 (I think… it may have been out sometime in late 2017, so don’t quote me on my facts! Lol) I’ve always heard a lot about the HolyTrainer line of chastity devices but before I went the Custom Steel route I was always more in the CB-xxxx camp. I’m very interested to try one on though and see how it compares to any other cage I’ve ever worn.

So I have ordered one, and it should be here sometime within the next couple days or so! The HTV2 is still available as well, but if I’m going to do this I may as well go with the latest and greatest HTV3, right? I figure that even if I only wear it for a week or two, that should be enough to come up with any pros and cons about it and decide if it’s worthy to keep around as a spare device for situations just like this one.

If anybody is currently in a HolyTrainer or has experience with them in the past and would like to let me know what to expect, I’m all ears! 🙂 Am I going to be sorely disappointed if for no other reason than I’m taking a step backwards from the custom Mature Metal device that I know and love?


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