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Unlocked for New Year – Security Screw Problem?

After over 5 months (163 days total), a personal record setting chastity duration came to an end on New Year’s Day 2018! This wasn’t the longest total duration that I’ve ever been locked, as I’ve done a stint over 6 months before, but it is the longest time that I’ve ever gone without ever being unlocked ONE SINGLE TIME, for anything at all!

Normally Angel will let me out every great once in a while for some quick fun (maybe I’ll even get an orgasm out of it) but then I’m put right back into the cage. As those outings are usually far less than even 20 minutes of freedom, I don’t normally count them as being out, so the chastity session continues. I DO try to record those instances though on my Current Status page as an FYI only. The past 5 months have had ZERO such releases!

Angel has been lamenting quite a bit lately about missing having me inside her, so I wasn’t sure if it would be coming soon or not. Or I guess a better way to phrase it would be if I would be coming soon or not! 🙂 After getting home from the New Year’s party and getting the kids down to bed, Angel was definitely getting a little frisky. She began rubbing the key to the Jail Bird against my back asking if that was something I wanted. I told her that I wanted anything that SHE wanted, whether or not it involved that key!

Angel wound up riding on top of me with her magic wand for her own big orgasm first, but then rolled over and handed me the key telling me she definitely wanted to feel me inside of her again. I gladly took the key and began fumbling through trying to get the security screw out, which took longer than expected, but finally I was completely free!

I warned Angel that it wasn’t likely to last very long, and she knew this already but didn’t mind. As I entered her I just stopped for a while so we could feel the connection for as long as possible. This definitely must be like Heaven, and I have my own Angel right here on Earth! When I did finally begin some slow thrusting I could feel myself getting to the edge quite quickly. I pulled back out, again to try and prolong the inevitable as much as possible. After a few iterations of this I knew there would’t be any stopping myself the next time in, but Angel didn’t care. She grabbed me tight and held me close as I exploded deep inside of her!

And just like that it was over. Five months of build-up (and yes there were copious amounts of ejaculate as proof!) came to an end. Don’t get me wrong, it felt absolutely AMAZING and certainly took me to a place beyond where I can normally get while locked and edged while only pleasing Angel! But after that one time I was completely spent and there was no way I could have gone again even if either of us had wanted to. When on the edge I am right on the brink of that same feeling, but then can hold it there and keep repeating it over and over again until Angel pushes me away.

I don’t think I will ever get to a point of completely saying no to my own, but every time I do orgasm it just seems to reinforce that Angel’s truly are better than mine!

I am still unlocked as I write this, as I’m getting a little worried about a possible device issue… Back when I first got started with Mature Metal with a Queen’s Keep, at one point I had to send it back because the tip of the special key had gotten kind of rounded off and I couldn’t make it grip the security screw enough to get it out. Luckily at that time I wasn’t wearing the device (only testing it) so it was easy enough to send back for repair and a new set of keys. You can read that old post here: Uh-Oh, Abort Mission!

I had a lot of trouble getting the screw out this time as well, and it looks like the same thing might be happening. I eventually did get it, but it took a few minutes of struggling and almost got Angel out of the mood! I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do yet, but maybe I’ll end up going back to a regular padlock or something until I get the security screw issue worked out… Either way, I rather doubt I’ll be unlocked for too long here!

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