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I said this to Angel the other night.. Maybe not quite so eloquently as I kind of added some of the poetry to it after the fact, but the message here is exactly what I said to her and I truly meant it from the bottom of my heart!  Angel’s response did not involve words at all, but led to some of the best sex we’ve had in a long time (with me remaining locked of course; 5 months and counting!) 

So without further ado, simple but very meaningful…

I NEED an orgasm, Mistress!

Any orgasm will do.

And truth be told under no duress,

I’d much prefer it come from YOU!


It is still amazing to me how things have shifted over the years to where I truly don’t even feel that I NEED my own orgasm anymore! As long as I can help Angel achieve them I get to feel it as well, vicariously through her.  And hers really are so much better than mine, as I am very satiated afterwards (just as if I HAVE had my own), yet I could easily pick it right back up and go again!

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