Chafing Issue

Posted: October 25, 2017 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity

I wanted to throw up a quick post this morning with a rare live pic of myself in the Jail Bird, and ask for some advice from the chastity community at large.  I’ve been having a little bit of an issue that just started within the last week, but last night began to get more painful for some reason..  The cage has started rubbing in a bad way, right in the middle of the ball sack.  I’ve been trying to add a little extra lube (baby oil gel) to reduce some friction, but it hasn’t really been getting much better.

I have to kind of pull the balls down and stretch the skin out to even see it, but it is definitely being rubbed pretty raw.  Unfortunately, it’s never long before that piece of skin ends up retracting itself back into the same place under the edge of the cage, so it never really has a whole lot of time to heal.  

Last night, I even tried wrapping it with a bandage to see if that would keep it stretched out for a while and feel better.  But that became pretty uncomfortable within an hour too, so I had to take it back off…


So this question is directed mostly at anybody who has actually engaged in long term chastity.  Has your body ever changed somehow over time to where something started rubbing that never used to rub before?  Have you been able to find any way to remedy the situation without unlocking and giving it a few days to heal on its own?  Will my body eventually just re-adapt itself to where it’s not an issue any more?  I can handle a little bit of pain for a while, if anything I’m mostly just worried about the possibility of infection…

I know that if I showed this to Angel she would probably insist on unlocking me, but I don’t particularly want to have to ask Angel for the keys.  I’m willing to try pretty much anything else to make this better without going to that length.  So if anyone has some idea, please share!  Thank you very much in advance!

  1. Justin says:

    I feel the same way. I’m starting to chafe around my basering and I know mistress would let me out the instant I told her but she’s still new to this and has just started to really take control. I want to take care of this chaffing and let her continue to bloom into the amazing dom she is becoming.

    • Howie says:

      I have similar issue and I think it has to do with several factors. …Shaving, hair growth, sweat and soap.
      Cage applied after shaving area is good for about 1 week, but as hair regrows chafing begins. Shaving too often irritates the skin, but allowing hairs to grow causes base ring irritation. After some time it becomes unbearable and I have to remove cage because of scabs forming. 🙁 I want my mistress to keep me caged at least a month at a time, but these issues cause problems.

  2. ritemate says: I agree that telling Angel is recommendable, I’ve actually managed to make a wound like yours heal while still wearing my device by using a Duoderm extra thin dressing. Nowadays, Vaseline applied twice daily has kept me free from abrasion for years.
    In any case, good luck with your healing process.

  3. PaulsK says: had the same problem two years ago and tried to cure it while remaining caged: BIG mistake. Because ultimately I needed to remove the cage (ring) to give it a chance to heal and it remained (still is?) sensitive even when healed. If you want to remain caged long term I strongly recommend to deal with it now and enjoy (suffer? Lol) later!

  4. Big Locked Dad says: rash ointment has been my saving grace in this regard. I actually use a little every other day just to keep the area “happy”.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Ah, another great idea, thank you! Have you also been able to cure a “problem spot” such as this while still remaining locked?

      • Big Locked Dad says:

        Mine hasn’t gotten to the same point as your has. So I can’t say whether or not it will “heal” it while remaining caged. But I have had some severe irritation underneath where the base ring pulls when my Mistress teases me regularly. If I don’t put the ointment on the morning after I have a rough day at work while I constantly adjust in my chair because of how irritated the area gets. I would recommend trying it though. I have tried using baby oil and to me it almost makes the situation worse because the slickness of the oil eventually turns tacky and causes friction.

        • Big Locked Dad says:

          The other material I would use (next step up) would be bag balm. A highly potent ointment that is generally used on cow’s udders when they get chaffed and start to crack. I use that on my heels a lot in the summer when they get dry and begin to crack. But the diaper rash ointment has been sufficient for me so far with my cage wearing.

    • just love my holy trainer ! The best fitting chasity ever! Its all in the proper fitting device based on my experience. I am profiled on tumblr and xhamster if u wish to see more of my chasity and exposure

  5. 3isRight says: have to agree with the others, if I kept something like that from Daddy, he’d be more than pissed. He’d be furious.

  6. I'm Her's says:

    I can completely relate, has happened to me. I have found that if I us cornstarch baby powder to help control moisture, raw spots are less likely to happen. When I do get them, I apply a heavy coat of Neosporin to the area and then apply the powder over it to help the Neosporin stay in place.

  7. Even if you don’t want to tell Angel…you need to sooner rather than later. As mentioned you don’t need to get an infection. Sometimes our bodies need a break.

  8. furcissy says:

    Is your area experiencing a fall weather change? Have you gained or lost weight compared to last time this year?

    I have been having a lot more irritation lately because of the chill in the air and massive day/night temperature swings and wind. Part of this I blame due to dressing like it is the midday temperature all day, which leads to the cold contraction when I should be dressed warmer. If your weather is behaving more extreme than previous seasons this may be a factor. How much skin there is to move may also be factoring in. 5-10 lbs from year to year might not seem huge but it may be a factor.

    As for healing, chastity wounds for me have never healed without completely removing the device, but your spot is different than where my wounds have occurred. I also have trouble building callouses in general and prone to developing pressure sores rather than the skin ever toughening up. If this hasn’t been a factor for you, it may heal on its own but you will have to nearly eliminate the trouble area.

    Do you have any older devices that could serve as a backup?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hi, yes it has definitely been cooler lately, but not too bad here. Maybe low 50’s (Fahrenheit) at the worst. It has been very dry though, which I’ve wondered if that could be contributing to it as well.

      Weight is still about the same (I think…) Guess 5 lbs or so difference from last year could be possible. Unless I’m just gradually getting stretched out down there over time, it should be about the same amount of skin as it’s always been. I’ve always been somewhat of the “high & tight,” and have often thought I wouldn’t mind trying to use weights and such to start stretching them out a bit, but that’s never worked very well for me the little bit I’ve tried! 🙂

      And I do still have my old Queen’s Keep, but it was starting to not fit very well either when I opted to get a whole new custom device. (Not sure, I may have had that one over-adjusted when I was trying to get it to fit right… It’s at least an option I could revisit, if it comes to that.

      Thank you for your input!

      • furcissy says:

        Dryness definitely will makes the skin more prone to chafing. I know that we had 2 weeks of very high humidity (60-95%) before this cold snap. The rapid moisture drop will definitely make the skin more prone to chafing.

        The stretching over time is definitely a big factor. While it adds to comfort in some ways, it also makes the skin “thinner” and weaker if that makes sense.

        As for weight, if you are prone to carrying on your lower abdomen and pelvic region, it may have a little bit of cause, this goes for both weight gain and loss changing how the cb will fit.

        The big thing is that you don’t want to make it chronic to where it is scabbed for like 2 months. That will make it more prone to dry out and get irritated in the future. “Powering through” it isn’t great either. I did that before and opened up a sore that took 11 weeks to fully heal.

        I wish you luck in finding a solution.

  9. nijntje says:

    I haven’t dealt with the problem myself obviously but I have had issues when I was breast feeding, and this seemed like some useful information here! So I hope it doesn’t sound silly!
    I have used ‘lansinoh’ to keep them healthy and from chapping. Much like neosporin it has healing properties but is also thicker like Vaseline which might help with free movement? Just a thought, hope you heal up soon and yes, a break might have to be the thing …. keeping it from your dominant is not the best answer. :/

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Ah, ok- just looked up and found Lansinoh brand Lanolin. “Soothes and protects sore, cracked nipples.”

      I wouldn’t call that silly at all; if it works there for women it may just work on a male scrotum with the same symptoms as well! 🙂 Thanks for the input, I may just have to stop off at Walgreens on the way home today for some Lanolin!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      And you’re right… I probably shouldn’t keep this from Angel.. I just don’t want her to feel like she has to rush to let me out if she wasn’t quite ready for that yet. 🙁

      • nijntje says:

        A dominant’s first priority is to care for and protect their submissive, I don’t suppose she would be happy to find out she somehow ‘failed’ there because you kept something like this from her.

        To me THIS would be the honesty and communication and the truth of submitting. Letting her decide what and how you should proceed, don’t you think?

  10. HisLordship says: I never worn a cage, and I appreciate your call was to those who have, I strongly suggest you take a break. The risk of infection in that area is higher than most due to the tropical environment! An infected scrotum is very sore having experienced it after small surgery.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hi, thank you very much for your input! Your concern is well noted and under serious consideration. I’m keeping a close eye on it for that very reason, and also using some disinfectant cream that we have (think prescription-strength Neosporin) to try and ward off any possible infection. If it starts looking much worse than it does right now, I may have to cave and ask to be let out.. But hopefully I can get past this little bump in the road without needing that! 🙂

  11. I haven’t had this issue but I do find occasionally my cage gets uncomfortable because it isn’t moving freely. I find a little Vaseline goes a long way and lasts virtually all day. My cage moves freely and the friction discomfort goes away. I never know why this occasionally happens but I do know that this trick works to stop it. Good luck!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, vaseline is probably quite similar to the baby oil gel in that regard. Normally when I use that I do find it lasts pretty much all day and keeps things moving freely and quite comfortable. But admittedly sometimes if I’m not having any issues I may become lax on using it every day, which is perhaps why this started happening now… I’m hopeful it will eventually clear up and I’ll be back to only the “fun” parts of being locked up!

      • have been in chasity with a holy trainer now heading to 70 days. It’s the best fitting chasity ever. I had to buy a second one because the first was to big. I have oil and gel which I use daily. It helps a lot and enjoy massaging my balls numerous times daily
        Thank u 4 following Roberta!! I need more of u. Any helpful tips? I am new to word press

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