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Chafing Issue

I wanted to throw up a quick post this morning with a rare live pic of myself in the Jail Bird, and ask for some advice from the chastity community at large.  I’ve been having a little bit of an issue that just started within the last week, but last night began to get more painful for some reason..  The cage has started rubbing in a bad way, right in the middle of the ball sack.  I’ve been trying to add a little extra lube (baby oil gel) to reduce some friction, but it hasn’t really been getting much better.

I have to kind of pull the balls down and stretch the skin out to even see it, but it is definitely being rubbed pretty raw.  Unfortunately, it’s never long before that piece of skin ends up retracting itself back into the same place under the edge of the cage, so it never really has a whole lot of time to heal.  

Last night, I even tried wrapping it with a bandage to see if that would keep it stretched out for a while and feel better.  But that became pretty uncomfortable within an hour too, so I had to take it back off…

So this question is directed mostly at anybody who has actually engaged in long term chastity.  Has your body ever changed somehow over time to where something started rubbing that never used to rub before?  Have you been able to find any way to remedy the situation without unlocking and giving it a few days to heal on its own?  Will my body eventually just re-adapt itself to where it’s not an issue any more?  I can handle a little bit of pain for a while, if anything I’m mostly just worried about the possibility of infection…

I know that if I showed this to Angel she would probably insist on unlocking me, but I don’t particularly want to have to ask Angel for the keys.  I’m willing to try pretty much anything else to make this better without going to that length.  So if anyone has some idea, please share!  Thank you very much in advance!

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