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Hi I’m Pcguy, and I’m an Addict…

OK, I’ll admit it.  I think I may be an addict!  Not in a bad way though.. I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t smoke or do drugs, I don’t particularly like to gamble, and can’t even realistically call myself a “sex addict” (given my situation! Lol) — though that’s probably at least much closer to being on the right track.  No, I’m addicted to Angel, and HER sex!  Everything about her, and every way I can help HER to orgasm; I just find myself craving it pretty much all the time!

Last Friday morning before work, Angel and I both woke up slightly before our alarms would start going off.  She rolled over and kind of snuggled into me, probably thinking she’d get a few more minutes to snooze before starting her day.  I wrapped my arm around and began lightly caressing her ass and upper legs.  She said she really needed to get up and use the bathroom, but even so it wasn’t very long at all before she began to spread her legs to let my roaming fingers hit home!

As Angel began to moan and really get into the moment, I could feel myself straining very hard against the tight, unforgiving cage.  But truly all I wanted to do was to get HER off!  I really couldn’t have cared less about being let out and having an orgasm for myself.  I just rode that high right along with Angel through the entire “build-up” process, then got to keep it there right on the edge, FAR beyond how long I’d have ever been able to last on my own accord!  Angel seemed like she might have been holding back a tiny bit herself, trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible, but really exploded when I said the simple words “Come for me!”  And I got to feel all of that too, at least vicariously THROUGH Angel!

It had been a little while (a couple weeks or so) since we’d been able to play like that at all, and I told Angel how much I had missed it.  I told her how I even missed HERS far more than I did my own!  She appreciated that and said that was one of the things she loves about me–and that most guys would never want to make it all about their partner; they would just rush to their own climax and be done!  And I’m sure that’s probably true.  I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, that in my opinion most guys just don’t have a clue what they’re missing!  Maybe being locked for so long has somehow started to rewire things in my head, or maybe there’s just an increase of certain hormones, etc. in my body that would typically be released during “normal sex.”  I’m no doctor or scientist, and will probably never have the correct words to adequately describe what is REALLY going on, but it really does almost feel like a drug that I need to keep partaking in as often as possible!

I even tried to explain it to Angel, how I’m practically “addicted” to her in this way, but she didn’t seem overly worried.  She just said that there are far worse things I could be addicted to!  And no, I won’t be going through any kind of 12-step program to try to “cure” me of this addiction either!  I would never make it past step 1, simply admitting that there is a problem.  And even at that stage I would have to argue about whether this is actually a “problem!”  🙂

ANGEL is my addiction, and HER PLEASURE is my drug!  To finish my story from earlier, after reaching my “high” at the same time as Angel that morning, it was getting late enough that she did have to jump out of bed to start getting ready for work.  But I just rolled back over in such a relaxed and blissful state, and managed to go through a couple more “snooze” alarms before I actually had to get moving.  When sex can leave me feeling that good, even when I’m continuously denied my own full orgasm, THIS is why I say that if more guys actually had a clue about how it felt they would probably be clamoring to have their wives/girlfriends lock them up!

Before long there would probably little “support groups” springing up all over the place, consisting of men who are locked in chastity devices, and are somewhat “confused” about why they suddenly don’t really care so much about doing what used to come naturally to them (getting themselves off!)  Guys would be attending these sessions worried that they might somehow be seen as less of a man, but will leave relieved that this is just a normal part of life now for an increasing number of people!  Not that it’s ever a real “problem” per se, as home lives and marriages just get better and better for all involved as well!

Ok.  I’m going to end this now, before I completely go off the deep end with this fantasy.

My name is Pcguy, and I fully embrace the fact that I am an addict!  🙂

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