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The Happiest Place On Earth?

Last week, we just returned from our second little vacation for the summer, back to Florida again. This one was a family vacation with the kids though–quite different than the trip Angel and I were able to take last month by ourselves!

For this trip we did the whole Disney thing for a couple of days (first time for the boys), after which we planted ourselves on the beach for the last half of the week. It was fun, don’t get me wrong. And the boys were definitely very excited for many of the rides, getting to meet some of their favorite characters, etc. But on the other hand it can get very frustrating dealing with kids “world is ending” type of problems every day while on vacation.. I love them dearly, but travelling with them can make me want to pull out what little hair I have left! 🙂

But I digress. The point of this story as it relates to chastity is that I was NOT in chastity for most of last week! I knew Angel had picked up a key before we left the house, it was just unclear if/when she would want to use it. Turns out, she was a little bit afraid of me possibly being stopped at the metal detectors at the gates to Disney World.

For myself, I wasn’t particularly worried about this. I’ve been through enough detectors at baseball games and even the county courthouse that I’m pretty comfortable now with going through them wearing my Jail Bird. IF I ever do get stopped, I’m prepared with a couple of explanations to the security guard.. First being that it’s just “body jewelry.” Hopefully in most instances that would be sufficient to be let on through. Second is the little card I keep in my wallet now with a more verbose description of exactly what I’m wearing, as I described on this post:

Courtroom Chastity


That would probably be TMI for most security folks, but again HOPEFULLY it would be enough to convince them that I’m harmless and they would just let me through. Worst case, if they actually wanted a visual inspection then I suppose I wouldn’t have much choice there. But especially being that we were going with a lot of family (9 people total), Angel just didn’t want to risk being stopped and having everyone wonder why I wasn’t being let through quickly. That’s understandable, and Angel is still in control of when I’m unlocked, so it was completely her call anyway!

I unlocked on Sunday morning, right before we left for the park. This was the first time out for more than just a few minutes, in several months! I have to say, it does feel rather strange these days walking around WITHOUT a chastity device now that I’ve been in one for so long! But we made it through the day, and got back to our condo very late that night. Knowing that we were getting up early the next day to do the same thing again, I didn’t bother to put my Jail Bird back on. The next day though, I was pushing a stroller through the line so the security guard just took a peek around/under the stroller then waved me right on through, AROUND the metal detectors. So that day I know that I definitely could have gotten through without any alarms, but there was no way to have known that ahead of time.

After our second day at Disney, the next morning we would be packing up and driving to a beach resort for the rest of the week. I knew that Angel might want to sneak in a little bit of “play” at some point while we were there, so since I was already unlocked I decided to just leave it like that until if/when Angel asked me to put the cage back on. Still, it was taking a little while to get used to the feeling of being “free” again for that long!

The hardest part, honestly, was resisting the urge to get all touchey/feeley with myself when the mood would strike! Of course, kids took care of that “mood” most of the time! Lol But sometimes alone in the shower… or waking up early with some major morning wood… Yep, even after months of lock-up, I am still a man and everything still works! 🙂 I just couldn’t really help myself sometimes from grabbing, rubbing, and getting myself sooo close. But not all the way over the edge. I could not bring myself to do that without Angel’s knowledge and permission, even though I had to REALLY clench up and hold myself back to keep it from happening a couple of times!

One morning near the end of the week Angel and I did wake up early (before any kids were barging into the room) and had a little time to help each other out in that regard. Angel teased me for quite a while with her hands and mouth before finally pulling me on top of her and ordered me inside! Naturally with all of that build-up on top of what I’d already been giving myself during the week, it didn’t last particularly long, but did feel oh so amazing!

It’s always just enough to give me a small taste to remember what I’m missing out on once I’m back to being locked up again for weeks or months at a time! But then when it’s over, and I’m back down from that small high, it’s also enough to realize yet again just how much better Angel’s orgasms are than my own! With hers I can stay on the edge and ride wave after wave right along with her. With mine, I get to the edge, jump over it for a few seconds of thrilling free-fall, then fall rather flat.

The next day after that last little experience was when we had to pack everything up and start heading back home. I woke up before Angel again, still hard as can be. I knew that I couldn’t keep that going indefinitely so it was time to go back into the cage. It took several minutes to get myself settled down enough to squeeze back into it, but then I laid back down next to Angel to wait for the alarm to start going off.

Snuggling up into Angel that morning and every day since, with HER dick locked safely away in the Jail Bird, I am much more content and at home than I was during that 6-day grace period. We may have paid a visit to Disney, which many deem as the “Happiest Place On Earth,” but not for me! MY happy place is anywhere right next to Angel, with my pleasure or lack thereof (sexually speaking, anyway) completely under her control!

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