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A Very Chaste Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody!  True to our now almost-famous jingle (LOL) still posted down below, I am still locked for Christmas!  I did have one little surprise release about two days before the holiday, but was immediately locked back up afterwards.  Other than that there is no end in sight until Angel decides… And that, to me, is the best gift she could give me!

So while we’re on the topic of songs, Christmas Carols, etc. I will sign off today with a very quick stab at another familiar tune.  Primarily targeted at anybody who is locked in chastity, thinking of being locked in chastity, or locking or thinking of locking somebody ELSE into chastity.  Enjoy!

We wish you a Locked Up Christmas;
We wish you a Locked Up Christmas;
We wish you a Locked Up Christmas, and a very Chaste New Year!
Good tidings we bring to you in your cage;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Locked UP New Year!

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