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Sweet Dreams

Besides a couple of new things that I wrote about in my last post that Angel and I explored in November, I forgot to mention something else we’ve been doing pretty much every night for almost a month now.  And that is that I, at least, have been sleeping completely nude (except for the Jail Bird, of course!)  There have always been occasional nights where we would do this, after an evening of sexy fun, then we would both just sort of collapse into each other and fall asleep.  But normally we would each get up at some point (not necessarily at the same time) and pull on some underwear at the very least.  I would especially tend to do that fairly quickly as I’ve always preferred to not just be “flopping around” all over the place while I sleep! 🙂

But one night early last month we must have just REALLY worn ourselves out, because we both went all night sleeping like that.  And I’ve got to tell you, it felt pretty great!  Just having our warm bodies pressed up against each other all night was a treat in itself, but then it also made it that much easier for an extra round the next morning.  Even when I stay locked, morning sex really is the best!!

The next night I was in bed before Angel and went ahead and slipped out of EVERYTHING to wait for her.  She was quite surprised when she came to bed and found me like that, but it clearly made her very happy!  There were several times even after I thought she was asleep that all of a sudden her hand would reach back to grab my cage and feel her locked dick trying its best to escape.  I did the same thing the next night, and the night after that, and have come to realize that this may well be my favorite way to sleep now.  I don’t even care if Angel is fully clothed or not, it just feels great to feel so free, like I’m both literally and figuratively baring my entire soul for her!  Plus every time Angel climbs into bed and peeks under the covers, she gets such a HUGE smile on her face when she sees that I’m naked again.  That alone just melts my heart and makes it SO WORTH IT!  Angel has told me countless times over the past couple of weeks how much she enjoys having me sleeping naked next to her, and feeling my cage kind of pressing into her at times.  I’ve been enjoying it enough just on my own, but hearing how much SHE likes it always makes me want to do it even more!

The only thing I do have to be a little careful about is with the kids..  My 5 year old still likes to come downstairs and hop into bed with us pretty often when he wakes up before we do.  So far [knocking on wood] I’ve always at least been awake enough to hear his little footsteps on the stairs, and quickly get some underwear pulled on.  That could be a rather interesting conversation if he ever snuck under the covers with me and saw my uncovered cage..  Unfortunately I suspect it’ll still be quite a while before he understands the meaning of a sock on the door! Lol


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