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Wow, can I just say: This has been one of the more fun & rewarding Christmas seasons that I can ever remember!  Of course, our boys are at just the right age where they are really into everything, so that is always a blast to watch them. But Angel and I have also been able to have even more of our own fun behind closed doors, every day lately!  Honestly I can’t even remember the last day that we DIDN’T either wake up and/or go to bed with some play time, and with SO many orgasms for Angel!  I’m sure it’s been every day for at least the better part of the past two weeks now, and I see no reason that this streak might break at least until we get into the new year!

Some of the most fun yet, has been just the past couple of nights, starting on Christmas Eve.  We knew we’d have to be getting up early with the boys the next day to see what Santa brought for them, but Angel was all for having some fun of our own the night before!  I had thought she’d be too tired that night since we were already up past midnight finishing up the last bit of wrapping, etc.  But when I realized she wasn’t I had a little early gift for her.  First I sent her off to change into a fun new piece of lingerie I’d picked up for her.  She had asked for something rather “slutty” for christmas, so when she came back in her red lace outfit decked out with bits of white fur along the neckline and of course crotchless panties, I could tell by the look on her face that she was really going to love being my slutty little Mrs. Clause for the evening!  For myself, I had pulled on a new pair of green velvet underwear complete with a red ribbon tied into a bow right at the tip of my cage.  A nice little “present” for Angel to unwrap later if she so desired!



Merry Christmas, everybody!  True to our now almost-famous jingle (LOL) still posted down below, I am still locked for Christmas!  I did have one little surprise release about two days before the holiday, but was immediately locked back up afterwards.  Other than that there is no end in sight until Angel decides… And that, to me, is the best gift she could give me!

So while we’re on the topic of songs, Christmas Carols, etc. I will sign off today with a very quick stab at another familiar tune.  Primarily targeted at anybody who is locked in chastity, thinking of being locked in chastity, or locking or thinking of locking somebody ELSE into chastity.  Enjoy!


Munch with Friends

Posted: December 21, 2016 in BDSM, Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity


Who needs ‘Words with Friends’ when you can go to a kinky Munch with Friends?!  As I’ve written about a couple times previously, I have been trying to get a little more involved in the local kink community this year through various munches, etc.  It’s not something that I’ve been able to make it to EVERY month, but I do what I can to get there as often as possible, and Angel is aware of them now as well.

Last night was the scheduled day for the local munch that I normally try to attend, and I had already cleared things through Angel and planned on heading out there for a little while.  But then in a somewhat surprising turn of events, yesterday afternoon Angel sent me a text out of the blue asking if there was any chance of getting a sitter that night if she should happen to decide to go WITH me!  I know I must have done quite a double-take and had to reread the text a couple of times to make sure I was understanding her right, but I was very excited at that prospect!  I’ve always said that the only thing that might make these things better would be if Angel was there to share it with, but I won’t force that kind of thing on her if she’s not comfortable with it or ready to meet like-minded people out in public like that.

But as it turns out there was far more to this story as well!


So,  I don’t “reblog” things on here very often, generally sticking to just my own writing for this blog.  But I read something this morning that really struck me as worth sharing! While I am definitely not “there” yet as far as coming out to anybody and everybody about being kinky, I do hope that someday I might be able to at least share that part of my life with a few of my closest friends. 

Unfortunately, even revealing new things like this to Angel has been extremely nerve-wracking for me sometimes (though getting MUCH easier now!) So I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to expand much beyond that in my “vanilla” life, but we shall see!


So technically, I’ve had two coming outs! I’m greedy like that! There’s my ‘I’m not straight’ coming out and my ‘I’m into BDSM’ coming out. On both counts I’m pretty much entirely out of the closet and that closet is now full of Latex, whips and sex toys. So basically opening it takes me to a sexy Narnia.

I’m going to focus on my kinky coming out though as this writing was inspired by the most recent episode of #ProudToBeKinky podcast and kinky coming outs was this weeks topic.

I’m very lucky in many respects. Firstly I have a job that allows me to be open. My work colleagues all know about my proclivities and while none of them are kinky (that they’ve admitted to me yet) they’ve all be very accepting and have asked lots of questions so they have a better understanding of what it is I enjoy.

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Had a little fun at home alone this afternoon and the poetic juices kind of started flowing! I couldn’t help but to just write it down and get a post out here before I changed my mind…  This may be just a tiny bit “raunchier” than my normal blog entry and definitely NSFW!



Besides a couple of new things that I wrote about in my last post that Angel and I explored in November, I forgot to mention something else we’ve been doing pretty much every night for almost a month now.  And that is that I, at least, have been sleeping completely nude (except for the Jail Bird, of course!)  There have always been occasional nights where we would do this, after an evening of sexy fun, then we would both just sort of collapse into each other and fall asleep.  But normally we would each get up at some point (not necessarily at the same time) and pull on some underwear at the very least.  I would especially tend to do that fairly quickly as I’ve always preferred to not just be “flopping around” all over the place while I sleep! 🙂

But one night early last month we must have just REALLY worn ourselves out, because we both went all night sleeping like that.  And I’ve got to tell you, it felt pretty great!  Just having our warm bodies pressed up against each other all night was a treat in itself, but then it also made it that much easier for an extra round the next morning.  Even when I stay locked, morning sex really is the best!! (more…)