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Happy Halloween, everybody!  And the end of what I noticed a number of folks in chastity forums refer to as “LOcktober!”  For some, perhaps this was your first full month of uninterrupted lock-up?  I would love to hear from anybody who might have done this.  How did it go?  

As for me, I have been locked for ALMOST the entire month, since October 4.  I’m quite sure I’ll hit a full month (or two, or three…) for this round of chastity.  Angel told me the other day that she hasn’t decided yet how long to keep me locked, so guess I’ll just have to wait and find out!  

Of course tonight is all about the kids, so we’ll be taking them trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  I know that I should keep my mind out of the gutter here, but when it comes to interacting with so many other people (only considering the kids parents, of course! Lol) I can’t help but wonder sometimes how many other guys might be walking around with their own little “trick” going on that nobody knows about… or how many women are looking forward to their own private “treat!”  


“Thrill of the Chaste” is two years old today!  It is somewhat hard to believe that it’s been so long since I began this blog, really documenting my personal journey in chastity, and that it is still going so strong!  I know that sometimes the frequency of my posts vary quite a bit as life often manages to get in the way, but there are still so many exciting things going on in our lives around the chastity lifestyle that it has been easy to keep writing whenever I have the chance to sit down for a little while to do it!

I am also very humbled by the volume of positive feedback and questions that I continue to receive from my readers, so once again Thank You very much!  Any time you all have any other questions, whether big or small, please feel free to send them in.  Sometimes it does help to have a clear direction to my writing rather than just sort of rambling about the latest goings-on in my life.  And I’m more than happy to share any opinions/real life experiences wherever possible to help others along the way!  Keep in mind that sometimes it might take a little while to draft an adequate answer and get it posted, but I will always do my best to get something out there for pretty much any question that comes in.

So here’s to two years of chaste thrills, and hoping for many more to come!

I had a new reader question come in the other day that I wanted to address.  This one is all about wearing a chastity device with kids in the house!

infestenhaenden asked:

May I ask you a question?  How do you explain your cage to your kids?  They for sure feel it when they cuddle with you, or see it when they accidentally come in the bathroom?

This is a great question, thank you!  The short, simple answer is that so far [knocking on wood] I have never actually HAD to explain it to them!  The full answer does get a tad bit more involved, as there IS somewhat of a trick to “hiding” the chastity device from my children.



As I mentioned in a previous post, Angel and the boys were going out of town this weekend to visit some family, leaving me home alone once again. I miss Angel so much when she is gone. I miss not being able to wake up next to her with my cage somewhat involuntarily getting pushed into her body. I miss her reaching back and grabbing it, making sure I know exactly who this dick belongs to! I miss not being able to reach around with my fingers and give her a good wake-up call by beginning to rub her closer and closer to orgasm (pending no children ending up in our bed first, of course! Lol) It’s like a small part of me is always just missing whenever she goes away for a few days.


I have been trying out my new Jail Bird off and on for the past few days just to start getting a feel for it, but never more than a few hours at a time so far.  It has been feeling good though, and I’ve been getting a little antsy not being locked much for the past 9 days!  It really is almost strange how chastity has become such a part of me that it really feels like something is just missing when I’m out for a while! So as of today, I am locked back up and gave Angel the keys back to hold until she’s good and ready to let me out again!  I know it will be at least a little while, as she is going out of town again this weekend to visit some family, and I will be home alone.  That’s another great thing about chastity:  I do always feel like I am still much more connected to Angel when locked, even when we are apart for a few days!