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Reader Question: Shaving Dilemma

I had some e-mail last week from a new reader who is also getting started and trying to find his way through the world of male chastity.  He just had a few questions, most of which I think I gave him fairly sound advice about, but he had one question for which I don’t really have any specific experience to speak of.

So I thought I’d go a slightly different route and open it up here, to see if anybody else who sees this might happen to have any advice for him!  I may post more of his message at a later date when relevant; but for now this is truncated down just a bit for space and to keep the discussion centered on this one specific topic..

Mark asks:

My wife unlocked me last night, which was about 14 days, our longest to date.

I am still playing with the rings and the gap spacing on the CB6000S, and have the sizer rings on order from MM.   I felt a little discomfort at the end of the two weeks and thought it might just be that tugging feeling you get with an erection and the way it pulls on the ring.  After letting me out, I looked a litle closer because I was still feeling discomfort with it off.  Turns out, I have a couple in-grown hairs where I had shaved.  So that is my next question.  I thought if I was smoother there would be less friction, but now I am wondering if having something tight has any effect on in-grown hairs.  I have shaved before as that is the way my wife likes me, every once in a while I’ll get an in-grown hair, but after wearing the CB6000S for 2 weeks, I had about 3.  If your experience has given you insight into shaving or not shaving, I would love to hear about it.

My initial response at the time, reads like this:

That’s a good question, unfortunately I’m not sure I will be much help on that one.  I do try to keep things fairly shaved most of the time, but have never personally had issues with ingrown hairs and such..  I guess if you’re prone to that, having a tight device constantly rubbing against your skin could make it worse…  Have you ever tried any kind of lube or anything?  I think I’ve mentioned in a post or two at different times, but I’ve actually found that baby oil gel works very well.  It needs to be the gel kind though, not just regular baby oil.  This stuff is good because it’s not sticky at all, and will generally last most of a day under normal conditions.  It’s just a thought anyway.. that might help reduce the “friction” and help with your in-grown hair problem at the same time!

So how about it?  Are there any other guys in chastity out there who have a problem with in-grown hairs when you shave in that region?  Any tips or tricks that you can offer to Mark and anybody else who may have similar issues?

I really have no idea if lube is a good answer or not, that was just the first thing to come to mind!  Just to keep brainstorming here, maybe it could even have to do with the type of razor you use?  For the record, I just use a basic Mach3 blade.  I don’t even tend to use any cream or anything, just lots of warm water flowing in the shower!  But I do suspect I might be a little weird in that regard, and that is probably not common among people who shave!  🙂  If anybody does have any other advice, I’m sure it would be very much appreciated!

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