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5 Day Orgasm Challenge

Between summer being upon us making it generally a VERY busy time for our family, plus starting a new job recently, I realize that the frequency of my blog posts has been slowing down a bit lately.  But I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about the “fireworks” that have been happening already since my last post, and a fun little game that Angel and I are trying to do incorporate into this coming week!

I already mentioned that last week, on our country’s Independence Day, I was giving up one of my own freedoms back to Angel; specifically the ability to have an orgasm any time I wanted. Last week I put full control of that back into Angel’s hands where it really feels to me that the power belongs!  I promised her extra fireworks too, and boy have we delivered on THAT one!  Almost every day, whether it’s waking up early in the morning or before going to sleep at night, Angel has let me help her to multiple (sometimes quite loud) orgasms, while very adamantly denying me of any!  She does feel that I am much more “playful” when she keeps me locked up! But that certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not very close to having my own, and I still just LOVE riding that high for as long as I possibly can!

Anyway, this morning was one such morning where I woke up about an hour before we had planned on getting up anyway, and was VERY horny.  More than anything, even more than getting to be inside of Angel and have my own orgasm, I just wanted to taste her and help her to have a great wake-up call!  When I got her to roll over onto her back, still half-asleep, I slipped my hand down into her underwear and began slowly massaging her with the tips of my fingers.  As she began to stir (and get much more wet!) I whispered in her ear that I really wanted a good taste of her.  She started waking up even more and was very much in favor of that, as she helped me get her underwear the rest of the way off!  What followed was a very long round of multiple orgasms for Angel with my tongue and fingers, followed by a few more with her magic wand, each one seeming to be even more intense than the last!  Even though I remained trapped in a rather tight cage for the entire time, I was definitely feeling quite satiated myself by the time Angel finished having more than enough for both of us! 🙂

As we were both laying back catching our breaths, Angel told me how much she enjoyed being woken up like that.  At that point I proposed a small challenge, that every day for this next work week I would wake her up with AT LEAST one orgasm to start her day with!  Angel was very much in favor of trying this, and has already stated that I will NOT be getting out at all for the week, so it will definitely still be all about HER pleasure (again, as it should be, and sounds even more hot when she says it herself!)

It will be a bit challenging for me, to be sure to actually wake myself up with enough time to do this with her before I have to get to work.  Besides being able to benefit from the extra morning sex (which by the way, we both still consider to be some of the best kind!), Angel figures that it might even force her to go ahead and get up and start her day a little earlier as well.  So if we manage to actually pull this off it could prove to be rather beneficial to us both!

I will try to make an update soon with our progress as we go through this little “5 Day Orgasm Challenge.” I guess it would actually end up being at least 7 total days though, being how we also woke up the same way today…  And yesterday… Have I mentioned recently that I am a VERY lucky man!  🙂


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