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My other pending reader question was from Chris_sd, who commented back on my previous post: Re-sizing the Keep.

Chris wrote:

Hello, I went ahead and got the jailbird a couple months back. I love it and my measurements were pretty close although I could have gone a bit smaller. My problem is I’ve had a burning sensation under my scrotum, I contacted MM and sent it in as they suggested increasing the gap a half size. I got it back and still same problem. I’m able to wear it at night with loose clothing but wearing dress pants seems to increase the pain. I’m only to wear it a couple days then have to take a break because of the pain. I’m hoping everything will kind of adjust to the device over time but wondering if theirs any special type of lotion or lube that may help. I’ve been using regular water based lube but it doesn’t seem to help at all.



I’ve had a couple of reader questions in my inbox for a few weeks now and I feel a little bad about taking so long to respond to them, so I wanted to take a few minutes to go ahead and address these.

The first is a multi-parter.  Wade wrote:

Hey Mate,

Just found your blog, I am currently in the ordering process of getting a Mature Metal Device too, I was looking at the Jail Bird purely because it is open so I figure it will make cleaning easy for prolonged wear. You had some serious sores wearing yours is that issue sorted out now? Was it just caused by sizing?

Sizing is a bit of an issue everyone seems to order so small I have worn the Birdlocked Maxi device so far and it can really slide down and put pressure on my balls when getting aroused, I bought the sizing rings and am trial wearing the 1 3/4 ring to see if it is comfortable along for a day or two like I read else where is good to do. length wise overtime I measure I get almost 4 inches so that means I should order like 3.5-.75″ like I never see people ordering such sizes from what I have read, I know that hard I am 8″ or so but should I be trying to squish it up more or just go off the true measurement I get…

My other question is about the boxer shorts you wear they are a one size fits most, what size are you? curious if that will help me to know if they would fit me, I am guessing they won’t as I am 6ft3 250lbs with a 40″ waist so a bit above average any help you give me is great I found them on amazon too…

My Wife and I am starting our own blog but only just its FYI only one post but there will be a lot more…

Cheers for the informative blog look forward to reading more




I know it’s almost over at this point, but I wanted to wish all of the dad’s out there who read my blog a Happy Father’s Day!  If you are chaste, good for you! I know first hand that it can be somewhat challenging at times to practice something like chastity around your kids, but it’s doable…

I am actually still unlocked for the time being, partly because Angel has been a bit under the weather for the past week.  There hasn’t exactly been much (any) play-time to speak of, but I’ve been good and also refrained from any other kind of release for myself during this time that I’m unlocked!


So it was my birthday this past Monday, and it has been a pretty fun week!  It has been extremely busy too, as I also started a new job on the same day, so there has been the normal concerns of learning a new environment, trying to make a good first impression with a new boss, etc.  But on the bright side, as we anticipated the busy days ahead Angel decided to give me a little birthday surprise and unlock me the weekend before!

It was well after the kids had gone to bed on Friday night.  In fact, well after midnight, which is why I marked Saturday as my official release date for this round, after 29 days of trying out the resized Queen’s Keep.  I am very happy to report no more issues with it at this point!  Of course, we had to begin the fun with several orgasms for Angel, as she “considered” whether or not to let me out of chastity or not.  I do think she had most likely already decided, but nonetheless she was having fun with keeping me in the dark about whether or not I would get out that night!


Angel and I had somewhat of an interesting conversation a few days ago, about a particular dream that she had the night before..  Angel was clearly very nervous about even bringing it up, and wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t get mad at her.  I assured her that I wouldn’t, and she proceeded to tell me that she had this dream where she almost started an affair with a co-worker of hers.  She thought it was kind of weird because while she was friends with the guy, she had never really thought of him in that way!  She did say that if it made me feel any better, they didn’t end up going through with anything because they were both married… 


At least for my U.S. readers, I hope that everybody had a nice Memorial Day holiday this past week!  I had started drafting a little post which I had planned to publish this past Monday, but unfortunately Angel and I BOTH caught some nasty stomach bug and woke up very sick that day.  Between being sick and everything else coming up in life–well, sometimes the blog tends to fall behind a bit! 🙂

I AM still locked though, and as Angel previously hinted I will likely remain that way at least until my birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks…  Next week we are actually heading out of town for a little family trip for just a few days, so that should be fun!  We’re not flying or anything, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the keys get left behind completely!

Well this is probably it for now, just a quick update to say that I’m still alive and locked!  I do have a couple of other “hotter” topics that will be worth writing about soon, so stay tuned! 🙂