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…Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Last week, I did have a few pretty productive days alone while Angel and the boys were out of town visiting some family.  Of course I missed them all very much, but in a lot of ways it WAS a nice break for me as well!  They arrived safely back home very late last Saturday night, and it seems like we’ve all been going pretty much non-stop ever since.  Angel and I have had very little time to even be intimate at all since then, and I for one have been missing THAT too!

Last night I was working down in the basement for a while, and when I came upstairs to get ready for bed I found Angel relaxing in the bathtub, enjoying a nice Jacuzzi bath.  The thing to start with here is that Angel RARELY uses the tub anymore, generally just opting for a quick shower on her way out the door every morning.  When I saw her there, I was immediately struck with just how sexy she looked all stretched out, mostly submerged in the water!

I finished getting ready for bed, while beginning to devise a plan to help Angel “relax” even more! When I came back into the bathroom, Angel had turned the jets off, but was still just relaxing while streaming some Netflix show to her phone.  I knelt down beside her and quietly took the phone away from her, pausing the show..  She was rather puzzled at what I was doing, but immediately understood when I pulled out our waterproof, wireless wand, and began massaging her with it below the waterline.  She was immediately on board with that, especially when I began supplementing it by slipping a couple of fingers inside of her as well!

It didn’t take long at all before Angel was moaning through the first of several orgasms that she would be having!  It was such a beautiful sight to see, and I let her know that the Queen’s Keep was getting VERY tight on me right then.  That image seemed to turn her on even more!

When we were [she was] done, I gave her one last deep kiss, stood up and dried my hands, then handed Angel’s phone back to her, while joking: “And now back to your REGULARLY scheduled program…”  🙂  I was then off to bed, and it wasn’t long before she joined me.  Angel thanked me for her nice little “surprise,” and we soon both fell asleep blissfully in each other’s arms.  Once again, I am SUCH a lucky man!

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