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Left To My Own Devices

Angel and the boys went out of town yesterday morning to see some family for a few days.  I don’t have as much vacation time from work as she does, so I had to stay behind, home alone.  I do miss my key-holder very much, especially at night when I have this nice big bed all to myself and nobody to snuggle up into.. 🙁

Of course, Angel knows that she can leave me alone and not have to worry about me having an orgasm or anything like that without her… Or does she?  The thing is, I am actually temporarily unlocked now, though still chaste.  For some reason, I’ve been having a little bit of an issue lately with the Queen’s Keep kind of rubbing/pinching in a bad way, and it has left a pretty bad sore spot sort of right at the base of the penis; right where the bottom edge of the cage rests.

This has been happening a little bit for a few weeks now, I just hadn’t really written anything about it yet until I could try to figure out what’s going on.  I did have to take the cage off for a few minutes once before and put a little band-aid over the sore spot, and that made it feel a lot better when I locked back up again since the metal cage wasn’t rubbing directly against my skin anymore.  Eventually that did come off in the shower, but by then I think it had healed itself back up enough that the cage seemed to be more comfortable again–at least for a little while!

Unfortunately, this week it started to get pretty bad again.  Knowing that Angel was going to be leaving town, I was really trying to kind of “tough it out” so that I could stay locked for the entire time she was gone.  But during the day at work yesterday, it was really starting to get rather painful.  Angel and I hadn’t talked at all about whether she’d be taking the keys with her, and given how it was feeling right then I kind of hoped that she HADN’T!  When I got home from work, I checked her nightstand where I know she usually has them, and sure enough there they were..  I did feel a little bit bad unlocking without Angel’s permission, but in this case it was needed! I planned on just putting another little band-aid over the sore and locking right back up again, but on further inspection there was a pretty good sized open wound down there, and it seemed like it would be better to keep the cage off of it for at least a day or so to see how it healed.

So that’s why I’m unlocked currently, but I still have no intention of trying to give myself an orgasm or anything while I’m out!  In this case I’ll just have to be on the honor system and make sure that I do lock back up again as soon as it looks like I’m healed up enough.  In the mean time, I have been working through the rubbing issue with Mature Metal, and it seems to be a sizing issue.  I’ll write more about that later, but it seems that over time things can actually change and chastity devices might need to be adjusted sometimes!  Who knew?!

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