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Reader Questions: Sleeping In & Security Of the Queen’s Keep

In response to my last post answering some general questions about the Queen’s Keep, I had another reader asking for more details about sleeping in chastity as well as security of the Queen’s Keep.

husbandinchastity writes:

Hi again. I’ve been in chastity since early January and the Holy trainer has been great as a starter device. When you are in the Queens keep, can you sleep on your stomach? Do you have any sleeping issues with it on? Can you escape if you tried? How 100% escape proof is your device? I am close to proposing buying one of the devices from mature metal for a few reasons.
My main ones:
– stopping nocturnal erections. I wake up quite a bit with the holy trainer with hard ons.
-the wife is having to unlock me twice a week to clean. With one of these other devices that may not have to happen.
Look forward to your response! Take care!

Hi husbandinchastity, those are good questions! I don’t really sleep on my stomach much, but I don’t believe it would be much of an issue with the Queen’s Keep.  When I find myself lying flat on the floor at other times (playing with kids, working on various construction projects, etc.) the QK does not seem to get in the way at all.  I also don’t find that I have much issue with sleeping, but I should clarify that with “any more.”

In the beginning, I did tend to wake up a lot the way you are describing.  I think part of it is just having your body get used to the feeling of being confined, but yes a properly fitting device may help a lot as well.  What I found with my original plastic devices, was that there was enough room in the cage that I could still get a good 1/2 to 3/4 of an erection, and as a result the whole cage would start pulling out away from my body putting quite a bit of (sometimes painful) pressure on the trapped balls.  Now that the cage is short enough that I can’t even really START to get hard, that issue has gone away!

As for escaping, yes I’m sure I probably could if I really tried…  At the least, I’d be able to pull out of the cage part, but the balls would still be trapped.  And once out, I don’t think there would be any way of getting myself back in without being unlocked and starting from scratch.  The problems with that would be:

  1. I’d end up having the full weight of the Queen’s Keep hanging off of my balls until I could acquire the keys from Angel.
  2. It would be very difficult and uncomfortable to pull my underwear and pants back on over the top of the device while hanging in this way.
  3. Angel would be VERY unhappy if I had to ask for the keys because I had tried to “cheat.”

So yea… it would NOT be worth it!  I do also have the “security pins” with my Queen’s Keep, but even with those I think it would still be possible to pull myself out if I really tried..  I’ve only used the blunt pins, because I’m not really into pain (at least not perpetual pain like the pointed pins would be!) I keep the shortest blunt pin in all the time, just because I think it helps kind of keep everything pushed down towards the end of the cage.  I tried the medium pin for a little while once but it was rubbing a bad sore spot on me so I stopped using it.  Even with the longer pins though, I think it would still be possible to work your way under it and pull out the back of the cage.  I’d say that you WOULD have to be somewhat soft for that to happen though–so if you’re horny & trying to get hard, in the heat of the moment it would be very difficult to escape.  It would have to be a pretty concerted effort to try to “beat” the chastity device.

If you’d like to see some previous articles I have written about the security pins with the Queen’s Keep, here are two from the archives:
January 28, 2014 – Anti-Pullout (Like I’d Want To Anyway!)
February 25, 2014 – Anti-Pullout – Part 2

Honestly, if you’re looking for “100% escape proof” I’m not sure that’s really possible with anything short of a completely enclosed, full belt system.  But of course those would have all kinds of new logistical issues that trapped-ball devices don’t have. The bottom line is, if you are serious about chastity and letting your partner control your orgasms, it starts in your head.  The device is a good deterrent, but if you are determined enough you will be able to get past that.  If you choose to give up this control, you have to truly give it up in your mind, and over time you won’t even WANT to go out of your way to try to escape any more!

As for your last point, yes! As I’ve also recently written about, as long as you choose a more “open” design such as the Queen’s Keep, keeping the device clean while still wearing it is not too difficult.  Just give it a couple extra minutes of attention every day in the shower, and it doesn’t get bad at all!

Good luck to you if/when you do decide to proceed with ordering a custom device.  In my opinion, it is well worth it!

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