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Chastity: Boxers or Briefs?

It’s an age-old question, in practically all walks of life. Men all have their opinions of what feels the most comfortable to them, and women all have opinions of what they like to see on their man! So what kind of underwear do YOU prefer: Boxers or Briefs?

Through my teenage years and most of my adult life, personally I always tended to be a Boxers kind of guy. Keep everything loose, free, and able to “breathe!” But when it comes to wearing a chastity device, I can start to see the other side of it too! On one hand, boxers can make it a little bit easier to “reposition” the cage once in a while if it starts getting uncomfortable.  On the other hand though, the closeness and extra support of briefs, can make your chastity feel even more comfortable and secure!

So why not the best of both worlds? For me, I have really begun to prefer the simple Boxer Briefs! You get most of the look and some of the feel of boxers, combined with the tighter support of briefs. Since the weight of the Queen’s Keep isn’t just dangling there between my legs, they really are quite comfortable to wear!

And even more importantly, Angel thoroughly enjoys the way they look on me! She especially likes this solid red pair, which if I may say, does fit my form rather nicely!

These are great for everyday wear and even some fun, sexy times with Angel when I know there’s little chance that I will be getting unlocked anytime soon. But then, when things are REALLY starting to get hot and heavy, I’ve found that I can really send Angel over the edge by pulling on this pair of shiny black underwear with see-through mesh in all the right places!

She reacts to that visual in much the same way that I would imagine that I look like when I get to see HER all dolled up in some sexy lingerie!  For us at least, it goes both ways. We both have a lot of fun getting rather provocatively dressed for each other! 🙂


Now for a little “Better Know My Readers” survey…  Enjoy!

(please note that the male/female designation is not asking for what gender you may identify as, only if you prefer men’s or women’s types of underwear!)

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