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Angel and the boys went out of town yesterday morning to see some family for a few days.  I don’t have as much vacation time from work as she does, so I had to stay behind, home alone.  I do miss my key-holder very much, especially at night when I have this nice big bed all to myself and nobody to snuggle up into.. 😦

Of course, Angel knows that she can leave me alone and not have to worry about me having an orgasm or anything like that without her… Or does she?  The thing is, I am actually temporarily unlocked now, though still chaste.  For some reason, I’ve been having a little bit of an issue lately with the Queen’s Keep kind of rubbing/pinching in a bad way, and it has left a pretty bad sore spot sort of right at the base of the penis; right where the bottom edge of the cage rests. (more…)


Happy Easter, everybody!  Last year around this time, I wrote a post with a fun little pun on the religious aspect of the holiday, being NOT Yet “Risen…”

This time, I thought I’d take a more secular approach and talk about the Easter Bunny instead! 🙂  This year, we opted to take advantage of a service offered by the youth group at a local church, and paid them like $25 to come by the house the night before Easter and drop about 6 dozen candy-filled eggs all over the lawn for the kids to find the next morning.  That was WELL WORTH the money to keep us from having to fill a bunch of eggs ourselves!  Plus we have a fairly small yard, so that was a TON of eggs to try to “hide” and the boys really had a blast running around picking them all up!

It occurred to me that in a way, chastity is kind of like an Easter egg hunt; there seems to be a new little surprise around every corner! 

I am now up to a Quarter of a Million page views on my blog! I know I’ve said this before, but when I started writing Thrill of the Chaste I never would have dreamed that it would grow this big, yet it just keeps going and going! I suppose that means I must be doing SOMETHING right, for folks to keep coming back and reading my latest posts, and leaving feedback (which is always much appreciated, by the way!)

Since my last post with these stats at 100,000 views, my world map has been continuing to expand, with readers now from 155 different countries!  Now I am in almost every country in South America, and have been expanding further through Africa as well..  It still amazes me sometimes just how many people from all cultures/walks of life would have an interest in such a niche topic as chastity, and would eventually come across my blog in their searches.  But to all who do: WELCOME, and Thank You for visiting!  It’s always kind of reassuring and nice to know that I’m not alone in this lifestyle “kink” and that others also enjoy the same types of activities that Angel and I regularly engage in!


2016-03-24 Country Map
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I just wanted to quickly share that a couple of new questions came up from a reader over on my Discussion Board, regarding losing interest in a fantasy after an orgasm, and also about cuckolding; both new topics for this blog!  I realize that the discussion board hasn’t really had much activity on since I started it about a year or so ago, so many people probably wouldn’t see it off-hand.  I think this is a good topic for there though, and depending on where it goes I may eventually dive deeper into those subjects with a full post.

In the mean time though, come on over to see what’s being said, and if you have any other insights to offer Chris_sd then feel free to leave your comments there!


In response to my last post answering some general questions about the Queen’s Keep, I had another reader asking for more details about sleeping in chastity as well as security of the Queen’s Keep.

husbandinchastity writes:

Hi again. I’ve been in chastity since early January and the Holy trainer has been great as a starter device. When you are in the Queens keep, can you sleep on your stomach? Do you have any sleeping issues with it on? Can you escape if you tried? How 100% escape proof is your device? I am close to proposing buying one of the devices from mature metal for a few reasons.
My main ones:
– stopping nocturnal erections. I wake up quite a bit with the holy trainer with hard ons.
-the wife is having to unlock me twice a week to clean. With one of these other devices that may not have to happen.
Look forward to your response! Take care!



I had a series of questions from a reader that I wanted to share on here, about Mature Metal Devices and effects of Long Term Chastity on the psyche.  For some background, this actually started on a different forum where a question was raised about the longest period of time that people have been locked in a chastity device.  I shared that I had made it just over 4 full months of being continuously locked (see that story here).  This led to a rather lengthy private conversation with this gentleman (Fantiesiza) about what device I was using and generally how I “dealt with” being locked for that long.  Here are some excerpts of that conversation, reposted with his permission. The quoted parts will be Fantiesiza’s side of the conversation, followed by my responses.


Fantiesiza asked:

Hi there,

I have read your comment in a group about longest period without cumming.  You claimed a significant period of time continually locked. 

What type of device is it?  Did you need any time out of the cage for cleaning or stress relief?



It’s an age-old question, in practically all walks of life. Men all have their opinions of what feels the most comfortable to them, and women all have opinions of what they like to see on their man! So what kind of underwear do YOU prefer: Boxers or Briefs?

Through my teenage years and most of my adult life, personally I always tended to be a Boxers kind of guy. Keep everything loose, free, and able to “breathe!” But when it comes to wearing a chastity device, I can start to see the other side of it too! On one hand, boxers can make it a little bit easier to “reposition” the cage once in a while if it starts getting uncomfortable.  On the other hand though, the closeness and extra support of briefs, can make your chastity feel even more comfortable and secure!



Now for part 2 of our weekend adventure (Part 1 can be found HERE).  Our fun started on Thursday night, but then fast-forward to Saturday…  We had a pretty busy morning/early-afternoon, so sex was pretty much off the table outside of some extra teasing and reminding each other of the fun we’d had a couple nights before that!  When Saturday evening came around, Angel already had plans to have a group of girls over to the house for a little party and to binge-watch some new Netflix series that just came out.  Not exactly something I cared to stick around for!  Luckily, I had also managed to acquire a baby-sitter for the boys, and they were going to stay there all night (gotta love having grandparents nearby!)

So that left me free to be out, hanging out with other friends for the evening, and I didn’t hear any more from Angel until almost midnight!  I was sitting over at a friend’s house when the “dirty texting” began…  I missed seeing it for the first few minutes, but essentially the conversation went like this:

11:49 Angel:  I just want you to know I am in bed – lightly clothed
11:54 Angel:  I just made my toes curl!
   [nice, she’s gotten all the way to THAT point now–perfectly willing to take care of herself, whether I’m there or not! She has come SO far in that area since we met!]

11:58 Me:  I’m jealous… be there in 20 mins?
12:00 Angel: Sooner
12:01 Me:  Will try.. keep it warmed up for me 🙂
12:05 Angel: Trying but that is a long time for vibrating