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Heading for the Finish Line!

At last, my session on EmlaLock has reached the end, and the combination to the lockbox holding my keys is now within reach!

Now it is completely at Angel’s discretion as to when I will be let out.  Yes, I could get the keys on my own at any point now, but I intend to not actually click the “End Session” button until SHE is good and ready to do so!  It has been ~84 days that the combination has been secured by EmlaLock, but per my Current Status page I have actually been locked for a total of 115 days so far! That has blown away my previous personal record by nearly double!

I know that Angel has been craving some “Us Time” with me being out of the Queen’s Keep and inside her, so if I had to guess I would suspect that she’ll be taking advantage of that fairly soon.  Maybe even as early as this weekend?? Damn, this cage is getting even tighter just sitting here THINKING about that possibility! Whenever it is, it is sure to be a rather “explosive” good time! 🙂



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