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Locked and Loaded, Ready for Release!

I have to say, that as the days/weeks/months continue to add up for this round of chastity, I have really been noticing just how horny it is making me ALL THE TIME!  This is especially true when I’m with Angel, helping HER to orgasm, but the feeling still continues well past “playtime” too! I have had other lock-up periods where it might eventually subside for a while, and it may have with this round too (a couple months ago) but now has come full-circle and I have a little bit of a hard time getting sex out of my mind! 

I am so ready to be out of the Queen’s Keep, even if just for a little while.  At the same time though, that’s kind of the point where chastity gets “real” (when you want to be out of it), and that idea only adds even more fuel to the fire!  Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you choose to look at it) I know that the end is near.  My EmlaLock session has changed to say that I am “Very Hot” so I suspect that it should release the keys within the next week or two at the most.  Then, it will be completely up to Angel as to when she decides to use them!

I do have one sort of failsafe built in to this EmlaLock session in the form of an emergency password.  I did set a password which would immediately let me out, but I can’t really say that I know EXACTLY what it is…  I set the emergency code to “help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but with far more exclamation points than that!  I would have to sit down for quite a while, entering one password after another until I hit the correct number, in order to actually take advantage of it.  It’s not really worth that hassle to me!

I also can’t really say that I’ve been COMPLETELY without release for the last 100+ days…  I haven’t written much about it recently, but I know sometime last spring I had a post about having what I called a “Chastegasm,” or somewhat of an orgasm (of sorts) while still locked up and unable to get hard at all.  That has actually happened at least a couple more times over the past month or so, with various methods of stimulation.  I’ll probably write more about that at a later date, but Angel generally comes away from that feeling rather proud of herself for getting me to that point while still locked! From my side, it does provide at least a little bit of immediate relief, but it’s nothing at all like a full-blown, out-of-cage orgasm! Generally, not long afterwards I am even EXTRA horny, as if that were possible! 🙂

Yes, I’m ready for a full release, but I also think it will probably feel a little strange to be “free” again! Most importantly, I am ready to give Angel her control back, and let her do with it as she will.  When it comes to sex & orgasms, her wants and needs will always come before mine, and I am so happy to be with a woman who has come to feel the same way!

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