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Due to a little miscalculation on my part (oops!), it looks like I will be spending a few extra weeks in chastity than I had originally thought…

As I’ve previously written about, I have currently been locked in the Queen’s Keep continuously since September 29.  One month into it (on October 29), the combination picture providing access to my keys was uploaded to a new EmlaLock session and set to a random duration.  It was meant to ensure that I would reach a personal lock-up record, but not necessarily much more than that!

My previous record was 60 days, and I figured if I was going to go past that it should be by at least a few full days.  So I decided that 63 days would be a good “minimum” time. At the least, that would have let me out on December 1.  For the max, I figured a whole extra month might be pushing it for myself and Angel both. But I generally don’t mind pushing the envelope at least a little bit, so a month it was! I came up with 91 days for a “max” time, which would put me at December 29, right before the new year. I figured that by letting EmlaLock pick a random duration sometime within those parameters, the chances were that it would end up being somewhere in between those dates–meaning that I would most likely even be let out sometime before Christmas! The not knowing part, has been rather interesting for both of us!

I was completely fine with those dates when I set up the EmlaLock session, but here’s where I screwed up..  I did not account at all for the fact that I had already been locked for 30 days at that point! Where I should have set the min/max values to 33 & 61 days, respectively, instead I set it to the full 63 & 91 days. This means that at a minimum, EmlaLock will keep control of my keys until December 31, and the latest could be all the way until January 28, 2016!

I only recently discovered this, when I was digging more into the EmlaLock settings and seeing what all is actually offered there. Ultimately I am wanting to do sort of a side-by-side comparison of EmlaLock & CarliLock, to see what I like/dislike more about each site.  I guess I had never clicked here before, but I found that under General Options–>Session, it actually gives a full-blown summary of the current session in progress. It also includes what the “Starting Duration” was set to, which apparently was 84 days.  In a way, it’s almost a little bit disappointing to be able to find that information so readily..  So much for keeping the “mystery” with an unknown, random start time!

At any rate, if my CURRENT math is correct, for this EmlaLock session to hit 84 days I will be locked until ~Jan 21. I know that won’t be an exact date either though, because earlier I was toying for a few minutes with some of the “games” on the site, like Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, etc. I was winning some and losing some, resulting in hours/days either being added or taken away from my time with each play.  I didn’t really keep track of it closely enough to know if I had a net gain or loss, but my gut tells me it may be a day or two past the 21st. All I know for sure, is that it won’t hold me past the max date of the 28th!

I have not yet given this news to Angel.. I do hope she doesn’t get too upset, as I’m pretty sure she’s been getting as antsy as I have, wanting to have me inside her again!

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