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Personal Chastity Record In Progress!

As of this past weekend, I am treading new waters and have reached a personal record as far as length of time being locked continuously in a chastity device! As tracked on my Current Status page, my previous record was 60 days.  As of today, being locked since September 29th, I am at 63 days and still counting!


As most readers of my blog will also know, the end date is unknown at this time since the keys themselves are locked away and under the control of EmlaLock.  When I set up THAT session, I let it choose a random time before I would be released, and also elected for it not to show me the actual time remaining.  Instead, all I see are clues like Hot/Warm/Cold, etc.  Today, it turned from “Warm” to “Very Warm!” It should be sometime between now and Christmas-ish…  but I really don’t know how high my record will end up being by the time it’s over.

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