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Chastity Zombies

Posted: November 29, 2015 in Chastity, Kinky, Male Chastity, Walking Dead


This will be a nice short post for the evening… Is it just me, or do any other “Walking Dead” fans out there think it would be humorous to encounter a zombie walking around with a chastity device still attached? 🙂  Surely there were some kinky folks somewhere that would have been affected by this outbreak as well!


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Angel and I have gone out of town for the weekend with some family, and of course with me still being locked up tight! I will have to check again to be sure, but I believe that by the time we get home from this trip I will have hit a new personal record for duration of a chastity session! Then it will just be a matter of waiting to see how much longer it will be before EmlaLock releases the keys back to us, and at that point waiting for ANGEL to decide when she wants to let me out!

I was looking back through my blog the other day, reminiscing about where I was a year ago. Chastity was nothing new to me at that point, but I had only recently recieved my custom-ordered Queen’s Keep in the mail.  I was still trying it out, and seeing how much more comfortable stainless steel was to wear than the plastic CB-6000s I had been using previously! Angel didn’t even know at that point that I had the Queen’s Keep, and I was very nervous about what her reaction would be to it!


A couple of nights ago, Angel began hinting very early in the evening that she would like to possibly get to bed a little bit earlier than normal, at least after the kids were both down, so we could take care of a little “stress relief” for her. A series of strong orgasms can do wonders in that area for her! Of course I agreed, but we did both still have some other work to get done first–her for her job, and me for a small remodeling project that I still have going on in the house.

Once the kids were in bed and we had both finished up what we needed to do, we hopped in the shower to get cleaned up a bit before bed. Angel and I do manage to shower together fairly frequently, but while she was expecting a very FAST shower that night so we could move on to other business in the bedroom, I had a little surprise for her instead!


Queen's Keep with security screw & anti-pullout pin

Finally, I have gotten around to sitting down and writing out an “official” review of the Queen’s Keep!  I submitted this earlier this week to Mature Metal’s page, at:

As of this writing, it hasn’t been published on Mature Metal’s site, but it might soon. Or, it’s just too long so they may choose NOT to put it up there! 🙂 Either way, this pretty much sums up everything I have discovered about the device over the past year, both in personal comfort as well as some of the more “technical” details around sizing/maintaining, etc.


I have been wearing a Queen’s Keep for almost 1 full year now, so I now feel that I can provide a fairly adequate review of it.  Bottom line: Best chastity device I have ever owned! My previous experiences have all been with plastic “one-size fits all” type devices, so that is all that I have to compare it to, but the decision to go with a custom fit stainless steel device has proved to be a very good one!  Mature Metal has many different designs to choose from, which all seem like they would be very comfortable and secure, so it all came down to aesthetics as to which one to choose.  Personally, I preferred the more “open” designs of the Jail Bird and Queen’s Keep.  I ended up going with the Queen’s Keep because I liked the look of the thicker bar at the very back of the cage portion of that device. 

First, ordering from Mature Metal is a breeze–just make sure to take your time on getting good measurements.  It is well worth it to first order the sizing kit to help determine the size of the base ring.  However, in my case it ended up being the same size as the plastic ring that I was already using with another device, so if you already have a chastity device that fits fairly well you may be also able to use that as a guide.  I went with the oval shaped base ring, rather than the round, and have been very happy with it.  I can’t say for sure if the round ring would have been bad, but the oval one certainly is quite comfortable!

Next is determining the length and diameter of your flaccid penis, which can be a little bit tricky.  For the length, it is best to take MANY measurements at many different times of the day.  Go with the smallest number, and subtract at least another 1/2″ from that! Seriously, it made me nervous to go that small, so I only ordered it 1/4″ less than my smallest measurement, but if I were to do it again I would definitely go a bit smaller.  What I found with the plastic cage, was that I still had a good couple of inches to “grow” within the cage, so I was still able to get *mostly* erect.  When that happened, the entire cage would get pulled out away from my body, putting lots of (sometimes painful) pressure on the balls.  With this shorter length of a custom device, there is much less room to grow, and that pressure on the balls is virtually eliminated!  The lesson learned is that the shortest length you can possibly fit into the better!  That is why, when I see that I still do not completely fill up this cage when completely soft, I now realize that I probably should have ordered it even shorter than I did… 

For the diameter, the plastic cage I was using was 1 3/8″ wide and that seemed to work pretty well.  Using the sizing rings I had thought that I *might* be able to squeeze into one size smaller, but again chickened out on that.  This diameter is still good for me, and doesn’t seem to make quite as much difference as the length does, but if I were to redo my order knowing what I know now, I would still opt for one size smaller.  The main reason for that is in terms of being able to pull out of it, which is where I will now get into the optional “anti-pullout” pins.  

I did order the anti-pullout option with my device, which comes with your choice of 3 different pins.  I chose the small and medium blunt pins, then the small pointed pin.  I haven’t actually used the pointed pin, as I’m not really into feeling pain every time I have an attempted erection.  The blunt pins however, do work pretty well as far as preventing you from being able to pull out.  The medium pin proved to be a little bit too long, and I stopped using it after finding that it was rubbing a bad sore on the top of the penis.  However, I have had the smallest pin in place for weeks at a time and barely even notice it is there.  There are rare occasions (especially if I am ill), where the penis will shrink to a point it will even go all the way underneath that pin and I could probably STILL pull out the back if I really wanted to.  But why anybody would ever WANT to do that is beyond me, as the balls would still be trapped and I’m fairly sure it would be next to impossible to ever squeeze back into the device again without having it unlocked!  The point of this is, that in my case since the cage is still just slightly too large in diameter, the pin does a good job of filling that gap and keeping everything sort of pressed down into the right position inside.  I believe that with proper sizing (there should be little to no gap between the penis and side of the cage when completely soft), there would not be a need for the anti-pullout pins, and in fact they would probably only serve to make things uncomfortable–which some may be into, but not me!

I also ordered the security screw option with my Queen’s Keep.  A small padlock does work just fine, but in my own opinion that does make it pretty bulky at the top of the cage; even more so with the way it sits sideways as opposed to dangling down the length of the cage as the plastic devices do.. The security screw keeps everything nice and tight and doesn’t really stick out from the side of the cage at all, so there is no extra bulge.  I did have one small issue with the screws in the beginning, but I contacted Mature Metal and they were extremely responsive and quick to take care of the problem.  I have had no further issues with it since then.  At my request, they were also able to add a custom little “T-Handle” to one of the keys, which makes it much easier to hold onto when tightening/loosening the screw!

All in all I do highly recommend both Mature Metal and the Queen’s Keep.  With the more open design, the Queen’s Keep is very easy to keep clean in the shower.  And, I typically have no issue using the bathroom standing up as long as I am at a urinal (it is still much better to sit, with a regular toilet!)  Most importantly, my wife/key-holder also loves the way it looks on me and has thoroughly enjoyed keeping me locked in it, sometimes for weeks and even months at a time!

I am so sorry this review has gotten so long, but to sum it up: In my opinion you cannot go wrong with a Queen’s Keep for long term chastity! Or at the least, whatever other Mature Metal product might meet your personal needs/tastes!


Ok, I gave a little teaser post on Halloween, but being how this past weekend was spent mainly focusing on the kids’ fun (as it should be!), now I finally have a chance to sit down and tell about what I was referring to!

I’ve written before about occasionally securing the keys to my Queen’s Keep into a little realtor’s lockbox, and uploading the combination pic to a site like CarliLock for a while.  This takes the control away from both myself AND Angel! The last time we did this, Angel and I sat down together to set up the session and upload the pic, making sure neither of us could ever remember the combination! We had talked briefly from time to time about doing this again, but so far had not done so.  Over the summer, I had suspected that we might do it pretty soon, so I had even gone ahead and set the lock on the box (making sure not to close it) and had the pic file stored in a specific folder on our computer.  I knew that as the weeks/months went on, there was no way I would remember what it was. So as long as I didn’t peek at that file, we would never know!  After our summer vacation, for various reasons we still did not go this route again with the keys, so a random combination has been set on this box for quite some time now!