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Angel’s birthday is coming up towards the end of September, followed shortly after by our wedding anniversary (7 years).  To celebrate, this year we have been planning a little getaway, leaving the kids with their grandparents for a long weekend.  For us, we have reserved a small condo on a lake, about a 3 hour drive away.  We are both really looking forward to having a few full days alone, away from everybody!

It was very cute the other day, when Angel decided to do a little shopping for some new lingerie to take on our trip.  Rather than go out to local stores, she decided to do it online this time instead.  I didn’t even know she was doing this, until she sheepishly came to me asking if I could show her how to clear all of the search history, etc. from the web browser.  She wanted to be sure none of these sites would come up if other family/friends might ever happen to be over and use our laptop for anything!  She was also rather worried about the “discreet shipping,” but was pleased when it did come in a completely plain, unmarked package.  Angel apparently found two new outfits for herself.  She has only given me a preview of one so far, and I know it will look very sexy on her!  The other, she says I will have to wait until the trip to see, but has teased that it is a bit “dirtier…”  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


Wow, there is so much to write about and so little time lately to do it! I’m hovering right around the two week mark again for my current period of chastity.  This tends to be the timeframe where I generally start to hit a peak of being VERY horny and antsy pretty much all the time! Once I get over that hump (No pun intended! Lol), I know I’ll still be extremely horny and ready for a release any time I’m with Angel and particularly when we are playing, but it should start to slip off of the top of the mind a little bit as I go through my normal day-to-day work activities.

As far as Angel goes, she has also been doing a lot to KEEP me in that heightened state of horniness! She pretty much never misses an opportunity to grab the cage, even through my clothes, making sure I know who’s in charge of the keys.  And any time I’m walking behind her, she will make it a point to step back into me and grind her ass into it for a few seconds, immediately making the cage get a bit tighter! Speaking of that ass, Angel has become extremely good at teasing me with that, as well! I remember one morning, probably a little over a week ago now, where we weren’t playing much that morning since the 4 year old had come down and climbed into bed with us again. But, when he got up and Angel was going to go start some breakfast for him, she very purposfully lifted her nightie to give me a great view of the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! Wait–she wasn’t wearing any underwear… Meaning she must not have had them on all night! I called her back to bed to make sure she knew that I did see and appreciate that fact, and to get in a few extra minutes of fondling before the toddler got too impatient!


The more/longer I am locked in chastity, I find that I’ve gotten so used to it that at times it is very easy to completely forget all about it! That happened this past weekend.  One thing that Angel and I really enjoy doing in the summertime is taking our boat out and cruising around on the local rivers.  It has been kind of a crappy season so far this year with lots of rain, flooding, unpredictable currents, etc.  Finally, this past weekend was nearly perfect out there! The weather was very nice with lots of sunshine, and when we arrived at one of our favorite places to anchor we found that the current was not strong at all this time–meaning we could safely do some swimming off the back of the boat without having to worry as much about being swept too far downstream!

Angel was the first to jump in and start swimming around the boat.  After making sure that some friends who were with us would keep an eye on our 4-year old, I dove right in to join her.  After several minutes of having a good time and trying to convince our son to jump in too, it suddenly occured to me that I couldn’t feel the Queen’s Keep down there!  I stealthily slipped a hand into my trunks to check, and was pleased to find everything still in place, locked and secure!


When the kids are away, Mommy & Daddy get to play! 🙂

Sometimes, trying to plan too much in advance for a sexual adventure can lead to hightened expectations and possibly some disappointment when things don’t go quite like it was envisioned.  Not so for Angel and I, at least in terms of this past Wednesday night! Sometimes we don’t have much choice but to plan these things out in advance so we can take full advantage of the rare occasion when we don’t have to worry about having kids in the house to hear us and possibly be scarred for life. We had such an opportunity last night, and it was absolutely everything we had planned it to be and more!

After having dinner and dropping the kids off to stay with their grandpa last night, we arrived back home with lots of time to play, even with still needing to get up to work the next morning.  I’d say we managed to roll almost everything we’ve ever played with before into one long session, along with plenty of new things as well! Angel took off to the bathroom to change into some of her sexy lingerie, and while she was out of the room I took the opportunity to also pull out another of her pieces that I’ve worn myself before, and put that on so we’d BOTH be rolling around with each other in soft silk/lace! When Angel came back into bed with both of us dressed like this, things really started to heat up fast!


I came across this post, and for the first time it seemed to be appropriate to “reblog” somebody else’s writing into my own blog. Angel and I just had a very similar conversation to this, in terms of planning for this coming Wednesday night when we will be kid-free for the evening. We are already planning a good session with the Magic Wand (yes, it will be strapped to her this time, so my hands can be free for other things!) and I’m thinking a little more play with her new butt plug will also be in order!

Anyway, as it relates to this post, Angel mentioned that the only question will be whether or not she decides to let ME out for an orgasm, or keep waiting all the way until her birthday in late September as we’ve discussed before. Both ideas are very exciting to me so I have told her it is completely her call! Even just this morning, as I kept hitting the snooze button to put off getting ready for work while I snuggled up behind Angel in bed, I told her that (not that my vote matters here) but at that moment I would have to say I’d like to just keep this feeling going until her birthday. On the other hand, I’m sure that in the heat of the moment on Wednesday night I will really want to be out! So that decision is really best to be left completely up to her!

I identified a lot with Rhea’s comments below in that I am choosing chastity, therefore I am choosing to let my keyholder (wife) have that control. If SHE wants me to orgasm, then I will orgasm! If she wants to deny me then I will be denied. If that ever gets to be too much for me, then I know we’ll need to start a conversation about whether or not to continue with the chastity “game” altogether!

All of that being said, when we both agree to it I also think there’s still something a little extra hot to lock up the keys and put the combination under the control of a site like CarliLock or similar. That takes the control and need for will-power out of BOTH of our hands for a while! I have a feeling something like that could be in the near future for me again as well..

Training Narcissus

It was ironic to me. Yesterday Narcissus talked about how he had a moment where he panicked because it had been quite a while since he had an orgasm, and he had no clue when he’d get another.

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Lately, Angel has been finding a kinky streak within herself that a year ago she probably would never have even thought existed! Maybe that comes partly from keeping her husband (Me!) locked in chastity for longer and longer periods at a time.  Maybe it comes from getting VERY friendly with her magic wand, and therefore getting much more in tune with her body as far as what turns her on and makes her orgams the best they can be.  Maybe it’s a combination of both or something else altogether; but whatever the underlying reason, I’m certainly not complaining about it! Lol

Case in point about Angel opening up much more to trying new things, is with Anal Sex.  I have always had quite a bit of interest in this myself and have even done a fair amount of experimenting with a few different plugs, etc. on  myself. Angel, on the other hand, has always been pretty adamantly opposed to anything back-door related, either giving or receiving. I think she had at least one bad experience with it with an ex or something.. And that is totally fine, as we still come up with plenty of other ways to keep each other happy!  Recently though, Angel has made almost a complete 180 degree turn on that stance! It started a couple weeks ago right before our vacation, and after some of the stuff I wrote about in my “Wand Magic” post. It seems that the wand has become even MORE magical! 🙂