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With 172 people responding to my Chastity Reader’s Poll that I put up a few weeks ago, that seems like a very good sampling of my readers!

The results are:




We arrived back home this past Sunday evening from a nice and (mostly) relaxing vacation.  As I previously wrote, Angel did decide that I should be unlocked for the duration of that trip.  It was nice, and we did manage to find a fair share of “alone time” as well! Of course, Angel had the most benefit from those times with numerous orgasms, but I’m sure I had no less than 4 of them myself over the past couple of weeks! By the end of the trip though, Angel was telling me that she WAS missing having me locked (she loves how horny she can keep me in that state), and was ESPECIALLY missing her “friend” (the Magic Wand)! We planned on playing with the wand some on Sunday night, and work on Angel’s endurance with it a little bit, but got home quite a bit later than expected and have been so busy ever since that it is still yet to happen.  Soon enough though! 🙂

As for me, I was rather missing being locked as well.  Looking back through the history on my Current Status page, I have not been out of chastity for that long since late January! Still, I did not go back into the Queen’s Keep immediately upon arriving home, or even the next day.  This morning though, I woke up before the alarm clock, very hard, and was fairly sure that if I didn’t get back into the cage right away I’d probably wind up taking other matters into my own hands too! Lol


First thing’s first- I want to point out that this is post number 100 for my blog! When I started this I never would have really thought I’d still be going strong at this point, so here’s another big THANK YOU to the 465 people who follow my writing, from about 106 different countries all around the world!

Now for the good stuff! 🙂

Angel and I are heading out of town for a family vacation for the next week and a half, so we are taking a little vacation from chastity as well. It’s not that I would be very worried about the traveling part, as we are just driving (no airport security to go through), and I have done plenty of that before while still locked. Probably my own biggest reason for taking a break from it is that we will be in Southern Florida doing a bit of SCUBA diving next week. It might not be an issue at all, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to find out what could happen when my body starts compressing to some degree at depth.. Has anybody out there ever had any experience with diving while chaste?  I think I’d be particularly worried if say, a ball got a little smaller and started trying to slip its way back through the base ring of the Queen’s Keep.. That could be quite painful and there’s nothing I’d be able to do about it inside a wet suit! Lol Like I said it could be completely a non-issue, but at least for this trip it’s better safe than sorry!


I wrote a bit recently, about how I’ve been teasing Angel sometimes that  some day I’m going to tie her best friend (the Hitachi Magic Wand) on to her and just see how long she could go having orgasm after orgasm, with no way of getting away from the very intense vibrations! We had a little “practice” session of that last weekend, where she went a little over 16 minutes. Friday night after the kids were in bed, Angel was feeling particularly horny again so we set a timer and went at it for another round! (more…)


I had a question from a new reader today regarding sex & masturbation while in chastity. I was afraid the response might get a little long winded, so I thought I’d make a new post out of it so others could also see and offer any input you may have as well!

TheClassyWoman asks:

I do have a personal question, I am a curious woman, Wink… First I understand you have not had sex for a very long time and wear a chastity Belt. Do you masturbate to get release, this is healthy for us physically and emotionally.

First of all, thank you for reading and for the great question!  I do wear a chastity device more often than not lately, but I want to dispel any misconception about chastity being synonymous with “not having sex.” In fact, I would venture to say that Angel and I actually engage in even MORE sex since we started experimenting with chastity than we did before! Of course it all comes down to semantics, and what you actually define as “sex.” Yes, traditional intercourse is out of the question while locked up, but there are many other ways to have sex which are every bit as fulfilling!


Wow, what a 4th of July we had this year! A day that began very family friendly with a local parade in the morning and fireworks by the riverfront at night, gave way to much more exciting fireworks when Angel and I found some alone time in the bedroom!  We were both fairly tired from the day’s events, but that did not stop Angel from coming to bed wearing some very sexy lingerie, and she made it very clear that she intended to have some explosive orgasms that night! And so she did..  With my fingers, with my tongue, with her magic wand, while riding on top of me with her magic wand, you name it.. Except for that night I was NOT getting out of the Queen’s Keep for my own orgasm!  That’s quite ok though, as I NEVER get tired of watching Angel, plus I was just out for a little quickie the previous weekend, so I had figured that would probably be it for a while! 🙂

The next morning was a little different story. We had one last baseball game to go to from a ticket package we had bought each other for Christmas last year.  Our babysitter who was keeping the boys for the day came and picked them up a good couple of hours before we actually had to leave the house.  This meant that we were home alone!!  I was able to get Angel back in the bedroom very quickly, telling her she needed to “practice.” To explain what exactly that means, I have been teasing Angel for some time now about something we are going to do eventually, sometime when we have a whole evening/night to ourselves (no kids in the house!) As much as she has come to enjoy her magic wand, I’ve been telling her that I am going to tie it to her, and see how long she can handle having it just keep buzzing away continuously, basically forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her, and she’d have no way of getting away from it or turning it off even when things started feeling a little “sensitive” down there! Angel gets VERY wet and turned on whenever I bring that subject up!


I know that today is not a holiday for many of my readers outside of the U.S., but to all Americans I want to say Happy July 4th! The day we celebrate Independence… The day we celebrate Freedom… But wait, this is a blog about Chastity, so I’m sure you can tell the direction this is heading! 🙂

There is one area of my life where I am NOT currently “Free.” Still being locked in the Queen’s Keep, I am not free to orgasm on my own, without Angel knowing and allowing it!  (And looking at the results of my recent poll, it seems that quite a few others reading this are in the same state as me!)  To anyone who has never experienced chastity (from either side of it), it might seem to be absolutely crazy that someone would voluntarily be kept locked up like that.  But, being locked provides a whole new perspective of “Freedom!”