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I have told Angel before that I’m pretty sure if more guys knew what it felt like to be able to do nothing but please a multi-orgasmic woman while their own orgasm was denied for weeks at a time, there would probably be a lot more people doing it! Her reply was that maybe there ARE a lot more men out there locked up, and we just wouldn’t know about it! And that is very true.. Nobody else that I know in “real life” (besides Angel) knows about me being locked in chastity. So I could very well have other friends/acquaintances who do the same thing, and I just don’t know about them doing it either.  If we were to ever find out, that would certainly open up a whole new topic of conversation with someone!

Chances are I’m never going to start putting it out there to people I see every day, what goes on with Angel and I behind closed doors.  But being how everyone reading my blog knows all about it, I have to admit that I AM a little curious how many of you guys are engaged in chastity to some degree! I have never played with the Polling feature here on WordPress before, but I just put this one together to see how it works..  So if you don’t mind, please choose below the best answer that describes your current status in chastity. If none of them match up very well, go ahead and type in whatever you like in the “Other” field.  Also, as always feel free to leave any comments you see fit–I love to hear from you!



My first four months of blogging brought about 5000 page views, which I wrote about Here.  In the next four months, from the end of February until now, the number of views has more than quadrupled, bringing me to a total count now of 25,000+ views!  This is absolutely amazing to me, and I want to thank everybody from all around the world who has been reading and leaving very nice comments!  People really do genuinely seem to enjoy hearing about my life, at least the parts I write about as it relates to our adventures with male chastity.  Until I started writing things down and putting it out here on a public forum, I never could have dreamed that my life could be THAT interesting! Lol

I started this blog really just for myself, to keep sort of an “online diary” of things I was trying, what worked/didn’t work, how long I’d been locked up and how that felt, etc. This is still an awesome tool for doing just that, but I do wonder sometimes if I would have stuck with it for as long as I have if it weren’t for all of the other people who also read it and hopefully get at least a smile from time to time! Every time I see a new follower, or approve a comment from someone telling me how much they enjoy reading about my life, it kind of keeps me wanting to continue putting out new content as often as I have the time to sit down and write things down! And what is even more amazing is how writing always seems to come pretty easy to me because all I have to do is take some time to recap a few events that I lived through recently. I don’t think I’d even know where to START with writing fiction! 🙂  Yes, sometimes I do feel like the themes of my posts tend to repeat themselves a lot, especially during a longer lock-up period.  Bla bla bla, she orgasms.  Several times.  I don’t.  But I have to say that the experiences truly never get old!  



To any dads out there, whether locked in chastity or not, Happy Father’s Day! Anyone who IS locked, especially with smaller children in the house, I know first hand what it’s like trying to keep that kind of “secret” away from prying eyes! Inquisitive little minds want to know about everything, and I have no idea at what age we might be able to expect them to start learning the meaning of privacy! Lol

Yes, door locks do help a lot when it comes to using the bathroom, showering, etc. but leave it open once and you can be sure to expect a little visitor, no matter what state of undress you might be in. I have gotten fairly good at being able to cover up or turn my body quickly to avoid having to answer questions about the shiny thing I’m wearing down there!  When traveling or out in public in general, often times a bathroom stop will involve having to take a 4 year old to the potty as well as going myself.  Luckily with the Queen’s Keep, I am able to use a urinal without generally making a big mess of things, so I can usually go at one spot while still keeping an eye on him using the shorter one next to it, and he still never sees anything! Anyway, sorry- this wasn’t really originally going to be a post about peeing! 🙂

For the record, I do love my kids very much, and wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything! Even when they drive you a bit crazy, they’ll just turn around a minute later and do something so cute and adorable that it’s hard to stay mad for very long!


This is my Birthday weekend, and Angel has decided to let me out of the Queen’s Keep for a bit! It is nice, of course, but at the same time it almost feels somewhat strange NOT being locked, being how I have been wearing the device almost continuously for the past couple of months! The funny thing is, I might have been able to get out LAST weekend but blew it.. Angel was, as usual, enjoying having me help her orgasm a few times, and suddenly asked if I was “ready” to come out and play. As much as I wanted to, somehow I just told her that I would be happy to be out if SHE really wanted me out then, but I would also be fine with waiting a week for my birthday if she wanted to do something like that instead. I am either a good chaste husband or a sucker, one of the two! 🙂

At any rate, once she remembered that my birthday was coming up, Angel really liked the idea of keeping me locked until then. And I quickly found that no amount of “begging” would change her mind again at that point either! She even teased that she might make me go even longer than that, we would just have to see!



A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post with a little book review of “The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play.”  You can re-read that post in its entirety, here. This quickly became my most commented blog post to date! It was not all specifically about the book, per se, but a good discussion began about the topic of female chastity, and how there’s not really a whole lot of good information out there about it. Compared to male chastity, there also does not seem to be very many device options for  women, at least not much that would actually be very sustainable for long term.

As I said, there were a number of comments on my book review, and recently a new comment was added from the author herself, Mistress Simone!

She writes:



I have conquered the metal detectors! 🙂  Anybody who has read my blog for very long, knows that there have been a few instances where I have been let out of the Queen’s Keep for at least a few hours at a time for the sake of going to a baseball game. Starting this season, they have installed metal detectors at the gates for all fans to pass through. While I understand the reason for them and am glad for the extra security measures to help keep everybody safe, it could be a bit awkward to try to explain a chastity device if it were to set off the alarm!