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I experienced my first ever “chastegasm” on Friday night. I know that’s not really a word, but I’m going to use it here anyway for lack of a better term! Heck, I will even give it a definition, to make it official. (If Webster picks this up in a few years, remember that you heard it here first! Lol)

Chastegasm:  Achieving sexual orgasm while direct genital stimulation is not possible due to presence of a chastity belt/device.

So now that THAT is out of the way, here’s what went down… Friday morning Angel was able to “sleep in” more than usual since she had an appointment that morning so was taking a 1/2 day from work. Our 3 year old had already gotten up and climbed into bed with us but being how he was preoccupied with Angel’s phone, that didn’t stop her from reaching over under the sheets to start fondling the cage & balls, etc. She did this for quite some time and had me extremely turned on. She said that she wanted to make sure I was thinking about her ALL day, and you can bet I was!

Fast-forward to that evening. Angel was out running some errands most of the evening while I was home working on the house.  After getting everything cleaned up for the night I let Angel know that I was heading to bed (she was upstairs doing some work in the office). Laying there, still thinking about Angel, I had this urge again to engage in a little bit of “self-bondage” and leave a little surprise for her!

I proceeded to strip down, and started with placing Angel’s magic wand between my legs for her use later! Then I strapped my legs tightly together to help hold it in place.  I had one strap down around my ankles, another by my knees, and yet another around my upper thighs, so there wasn’t much chance of it going anywhere!  I pulled the sheet up over the top of me as much as I could, then finished off with a blindfold and worked my way into the wrist cuffs attached to the bed and got those cinched down as snugly as I could.  Then it was pretty much a waiting game, until Angel came downstairs to “find” me! Oh, and before losing my hands, I also went ahead and turned on the magic wand, on low.  It was hovering just over the cage, so I couldn’t feel it too much unless I thrust my body up into it. That felt nice, but there was still not nearly enough stimulation to actually do much..

I only had to wait about 20-30 minutes, I think. When Angel did come downstairs she was getting pretty tired and ready for bed, but upon finding my little surprise she was ready to take advantage of it! She stripped down as well and climbed aboard for a ride. It wasn’t long at all before she was having her first “mini-orgasms” of the night. She cranked the magic wand up to its High setting, and that’s when trouble started to happen! When she re-mounted it, the wand was pressed up right on top of my cage, vibrating away VERY strongly.  I was also talking to Angel about being able to “feel” myself inside her and seeing how she could virtually feel the same thing, when suddenly I did actually feel a “real” orgasm building for myself! This isn’t really anything new, as I fairly frequently feel like I’m about to have one while Angel is keeping me locked and getting off herself. I end up having my own vicariously through hers! This was a little bit different though. The feeling was extremely strong, and I almost DID feel like I might just come right through the cage! I told Angel this and asked what would happen if I came then, but got no response from her as she was already in the middle of her own biggest orgasm of the night.

As Angel came down from her high, I did as well, and thought that was the end of it. However, after being untied and getting a better look at things I truly did have quite a large load seeping right through the bars of the Queen’s Keep! It seemed like I really did have a full-blown orgasm, even while locked up and (though hard) only being about 1/3 or less the size of a normal erection! THAT had sure never happened to me before! I felt good, but not really any different than when I have my normal “virtual orgasms” coinciding with Angel’s.  It certainly didn’t really feel the same as when I am unlocked and actually allowed a true orgasm!

So there we have it.  For the sake of this blog (at least for now) my word of the day to describe what happened last night is “Chastegasm.” It was a new phenomenon for us, so we will have to wait and see if anything similar ever happens again!

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