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Missing My Key-Holder

Angel has been out of town for only three days so far, but I have really been missing her terribly! It hasn’t been too bad during the daytime, as I have had plenty of things to work on and keep my mind occupied; but when I lay down at night alone, it has really been hitting me hard.  I have actually been finding at least a little bit of relief from the loneliness, by putting on and sleeping in a piece of Angel’s lingerie! I know it’s all a mental thing, but when I do that it really makes me feel like I’m close to her again and (though nowhere near the same thing as her) I can at least snuggle into a pillow a little bit and drift off to sleep with nothing but happy thoughts about her!

The first morning after I did that, I was texting with Angel and told her how much I missed her, and that I had worn one of her sexy outfits overnight!  I almost chickened out before hitting the send button on that message. I can’t explain why, but part of me still always seems to be a little nervous about opening up with new little “kinks,” even to my wife who has shown nothing but support and acceptance, even to the point of keeping my junk locked in a steel cage for weeks at a time! To my relief, Angel truly did not seem to find it weird at all. She thought it was “interesting,” and after seeing a picture she commented about it being sexy, and she thought I even pulled off the look better than HER! I will have to disagree with her on THAT one, but the point is that she was just as accepting as ever, so I really didn’t have anything to worry about! Plus her clothes are so soft and comfortable… I slept like a baby! 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about why it has been so hard being away from Angel this time around.  It’s not like we haven’t done it before.  She gets considerably more vacation time than I do, so she’ll often use some of that to go visit family members without me, then we’ll use MY vacation time to go on our bigger trips together.  It’s not even like we haven’t been apart with me being at home locked before!  There is one big difference though.. Any time we’ve done that in years past, it usually meant that I locked myself up in the CB-6000s, and slipped the keys into Angel’s things to make sure they left town with her.  After a couple of days if she didn’t say anything about finding them, I would start dropping some hints about places she should look for a “surprise…”

The difference this time around is that 1) I have already been locked in the Queen’s Keep for several weeks, so I’m pretty much at my peak of being horny (if such a peak exists, that is! Lol)  and 2) This time, Angel actively and blatantly made it a point that she did NOT want me to be out while she was gone! This is probably just a very submissive part of me talking, but I can’t get over how hot it is to watch her take control like that!

I love Angel more than anything, as my wife, and have always missed her greatly whenever we’re apart. But now, with her becoming more and more of an “active” key-holder as well, the connection is just that much stronger! I have definitely been feeling this extra level of attachment to her, which must explain at least part of why it has been so hard to be apart from her this time!

When I think of Angel, of course I tend to start straining against the end of my cage a bit, knowing that it is completely up to her as to when I will be released next! But the thing is, I find that it’s not even MY orgasm that I miss the most.. I miss just BEING with Angel. I miss being able to snuggle up spooning behind her at night, and kissing this little spot just behind her right shoulder blade where my mouth and nose just seem to fit perfectly from this position!  I miss being able to rub my hands all over her body. I miss how she seems to enjoy reaching back every now and then to grab & fondle me in the cage a little bit, making sure that her “property” is still fully secured.  I miss returning that favor by fondling her as well, then maybe going down for a good long taste, and slowly probing a couple of fingers deep inside her.. I miss watching her as she starts writhing, losing control of her body, and eventually just giving in and letting her orgasm work its way outward through every part of her body! I miss hearing her scream out (quietly when necessary with the kiddos in other rooms, of course!) that she just “can’t take anymore,” yet she doesn’t even begin to try and stop me when I go back in to give her another!

Those are a few of the things that I miss the most when Angel and I are apart.  My own pleasure (sexually speaking) has been becoming more and more synonymous with hers, and as long as I’m able to give her enough I am perfectly content with foregoing my own orgasm until she’s ready to allow it!  Angel will be back home sometime tomorrow evening, and I am definitely looking forward to being able to take care of her “needs” once again!  I know, that I am such a lucky man! 🙂

And thank you, to anybody out there reading this.. Just getting a lot of these thoughts out of my head and into print, has been very therapeutic for me!

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