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Angel has been out of town for only three days so far, but I have really been missing her terribly! It hasn’t been too bad during the daytime, as I have had plenty of things to work on and keep my mind occupied; but when I lay down at night alone, it has really been hitting me hard.  I have actually been finding at least a little bit of relief from the loneliness, by putting on and sleeping in a piece of Angel’s lingerie! I know it’s all a mental thing, but when I do that it really makes me feel like I’m close to her again and (though nowhere near the same thing as her) I can at least snuggle into a pillow a little bit and drift off to sleep with nothing but happy thoughts about her!

The first morning after I did that, I was texting with Angel and told her how much I missed her, and that I had worn one of her sexy outfits overnight!  I almost chickened out before hitting the send button on that message. I can’t explain why, but part of me still always seems to be a little nervous about opening up with new little “kinks,” even to my wife who has shown nothing but support and acceptance, even to the point of keeping my junk locked in a steel cage for weeks at a time! To my relief, Angel truly did not seem to find it weird at all. She thought it was “interesting,” and after seeing a picture she commented about it being sexy, and she thought I even pulled off the look better than HER! I will have to disagree with her on THAT one, but the point is that she was just as accepting as ever, so I really didn’t have anything to worry about! Plus her clothes are so soft and comfortable… I slept like a baby! 🙂


I’ve reached six full weeks for this round of chastity, making it the longest so far being locked in the Queen’s Keep, and the third longest overall that I have been locked.  It has certainly been quite a ride, which continues to get more and more intense as Angel dives deeper herself into the role of being my key-holder, and deciding if/when I am able to orgasm! Of course this week she didn’t have much of a say in the matter, being how the keys are now locked up and under the control of, but even that was HER decision to do!

It is incredibly hot, seeing Angel take/embrace that kind of control.  She asked me once after I had just finished getting HER off, if I wished I could get out then.  I told her Yes AND No! Of course it would feel absolutely amazing to get out and be inside her again. But when I’m still at the same level of “horny” hours later, I feel perfectly content with having my own orgasms sort of vicariously through hers!  And she certainly does have enough for the both of us! 🙂


Home Alone… “Bachelor” again for a few days… Good chance for a guy like me to be able to have some fun personal time and take care of my own…?! Oh yeah–wait a minute–no I can’t! I’m still locked in a chastity device! 🙂 And I know exactly where the keys are, but they are secured in a lockbox to which I have no clue what the combination is! But Angel is sure loving that right now!  She and the kids left town this morning to go visit some family out of state for a few days.  Of course now she knows that I will DEFINITELY be thinking about her all the time, and have no way of doing anything on my own!

Angel certainly did take advantage of every opportunity for HER to have orgasms before she left though! Friday alone, we both woke up early and managed to get in some very hot sexy time before work, then managed to do it again that night before bed! In the morning, we were talking afterwards about whether she would have unlocked me or not “IF” she had access to the keys.  She claimed she wouldn’t have, that she’s been getting much better at her own self-control (which is true!) She did say though, that as good as I am at making her have incredible orgasms by other means, there is still just a little something missing by not having me inside her.  There’s just a connection when we do that which can’t really be completely replicated any other way.  I get that.  I do feel it too, and I DO love being out and being able to have my own orgasms inside her as well, but wow, I’d also still have to say that getting HER off is pretty darn close to being even better than my own!


I’ve already written about the biggest changes that came out of week 5 of this round of chastity. To recap, Angel decided that we should lock up the KEYS, in our little lock-box, and let CarliLock be the only keeper of that combination for a little while. That effectively “forces” me to remain locked up for at least 2 more weeks, as NEITHER Angel or I have access to the keys right now to let me out!

The remainder of the weekend since we did that, has been both very exciting and frustrating at the same time. It is still very fun and fulfilling to help Angel orgasm, which of course she did let me do quite a lot! It was an added bonus to be able to tease HER somewhat as well, about how much she must want to have me filling her up, but just can’t… I know it’s not nearly as effective of a tease for her, being how she still has plenty of “options” of how to get off, but it was still fun none-the-less! Lol When I turned it around and let Angel know how much I wanted to be inside of HER, she replied with a simple “OK,” and proceeded to push my head down between her legs again, making it clear that she was quite content with my tongue & fingers being the only things to make their way inside! Very hot indeed!



Well we’ve done it! It has been almost a week since we floated the idea of securing my keys in the lockbox and starting a new session on CarliLock.  But tonight, the topic came up again and this time we did something about it!

I showed Angel how the site worked, and let her set the random combination and upload a picture without my ever seeing it.  She was still thinking for now, that sometime around Easter weekend might be a good time for a possible release, so we set the session times (both Starting and Max duration) to 2 weeks. Already 33 days into this session so far, and now it is for sure going to be at least another 14 days! IF it comes off that day, that would put me just short of the 7 week mark. We will just have to see how Angel is feeling about it at that time to see if I will end up going even longer than that!


Week 4 was a pretty good week of being locked in chastity.  We were  both pretty busy during the first part of the week as is often the case, so it’s usually difficult to find time for sexual things then, but the weekend generally changes that!

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings we woke up early (as in, BEFORE the toddler!) with Angel being in desperate need of some attention.  As I was helping her to get off with my fingers/tongue, I would on occasion let her know just how badly I really wanted to be unlocked and inside her. She was very adamant about “NO, not today!” Besides driving ME even more crazy with desire, I could swear that it felt like SHE got even more turned on and wet as she was actively denying me! (more…)


The remainder of Week 3 was relatively uneventful in terms of being locked. I would have thought, that getting an unexpected “release” halfway through the week might have been sufficient to make me not quite so horny… But nope! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was immediately locked back up afterwards or what, but I almost think I’ve been even MORE horny the second part of this week!



This morning brought about a new “first” for me: being unlocked just long enough for a quickie then being required to go right back into chastity again! Angel and I both somehow woke up well before the alarms would be going off, started cuddling a lot, and it wasn’t long at all before that started escalating into much more!

I was busy going down for a good taste of her, and helping her to some nice orgasms with my fingers, when Angel asked if I wanted to come out. I was actually quite content at the moment just helping HER, and hadn’t really expected to have that offer on the table this morning, so I just turned it around and asked if SHE wanted me out. She said she did, but ONLY if I put it right back on when we were done! That is, after all, exactly what I offered to do whenever she wished, when we first started talking about some long-term chastity!



I missed my weekly update for Week 1 of this particular round of chastity, as I was still recovering from being sick last weekend.  But because of the illnesses, there wasn’t much really worth speaking about anyway.  Week 2 started off just as uneventful, with Angel taking her turn being sick as well (fortunately not nearly as severe as what I had just gone through though!)  By the end of the week, everyone was pretty much back to our “normal” selves. It felt nice to be snuggling up behind Angel again one night and start feeling that familiar urge once again as I started to get hard–only to be stopped short at the end of the cage! It was a nice little reminder that “I’ve still got it!”  🙂 (more…)