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Happy Valentine’s, Indeed!

Valentine’s Day started off pretty low-key for Angel and I, but ended with a bang! Coming off of one kid being sick the day before, we weren’t going to get him out in the cold at all, but Angel decided to run down to Dunkin Doughnuts for some of their little heart-shaped, cookie dough filled goodness, for breakfast.  We had some good time with the boys, exchanged some chocolates, cards, etc. and then just had pretty much a normal Saturday with the family.  It was fun!  In the evening though, once the kids were both in bed, the fun could REALLY start!

I had bought Angel some sexy new lingerie, so I left that out for her on the bed with a note to see how that looked, then she was free to “ride” to her heart’s content! Of course the “ride” was referring to one of her favorite pastimes of late, which is to be on top of me, with the Hitachi Magic Wand propped up between my legs, and ride it to several amazing orgasms! The outfit looked incredible on her (not that I expected anything less!) and she did take full advantage of my “locked” state. We played and she denied me for a good couple of hours, while getting off herself over and over again.  That is the part that can get quite “torturous” after a while for a guy in chastity!

After a while, when I THOUGHT things were winding down quite a bit and we were probably almost finished for the night, she stated that she was still contemplating whether to let me out or not.  We talked about it a bit, and she really wanted it, so in the end she did get what she wanted!  And being inside her was just the icing on the cake of an already perfect night, as she managed to get herself another explosive orgasm pretty much at the same time as mine, which almost NEVER happens with us!  🙂

So for the record, I AM currently unlocked again, after only 13 days for this round of chastity. We did start talking though, about the possibility of something a bit longer term. That will be a whole separate post soon though, I’m sure. My main thing with it is that I do really like the fact that Angel can decide on a whim that she either does or doesn’t want to let me out at any given time, and what she says about it goes! She really seems to enjoy that aspect of control too, so we’re not really quite at a point yet of setting a hard date of X days/weeks/months into the future and saying that there is no chance of being unlocked before that time..  But the point is, the conversation has been started and will probably be on-going for a while, so we’ll see what happens with it! Like pretty much all good things in life, you can’t rush into chastity without taking time to make sure that both partners are happy with the direction it’s going and making sure it is mutually beneficial/enjoyable for everyone involved!

Oh yes, one more note about Valentine’s Day. Angel found pretty much a perfect card that sums up our lives quite well now, and I’m sure anyone with children can relate! I wouldn’t trade my kids in for anything, but it certainly does change your lifestyle when you suddenly have little ones climbing into bed with you rather frequently! 🙂

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