Locked in the Keep – Happy February!

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I’ve been unlocked for a little while now, until today!  It was 16 days free, according to my Current Status page.  I had been contemplating going back in earlier, but Angel hadn’t said any more about it since we last took the device off a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes, I do almost feel a little bad about always locking myself then dumping the keys on her.  I know she does enjoy it when I’m locked, but she hasn’t ever really taken a notion to ask me to go back in on her own.  I don’t know… Am I pushing this on her too hard?

But then comes the latest update.  Angel had been hinting about trying to have a little “fun” whenever we had a chance this past weekend, so I held off on locking myself back up until I could at least see what she had in mind!  Friday night was too busy, so that didn’t work out.  Saturday morning, we both woke up pretty horny so were starting to play around a bit when we were interrupted by a 3-year old deciding to come downstairs and climb into bed with us.  That does tend to happen fairly often on the weekends so we never really expect a lot of “morning playtimes” anymore!  However, once he became occupied with his favorite game on Angel’s cell phone, we were at least able to spoon a bit and talk about some things.  Speaking somewhat in code to make sure the toddler didn’t pick up on too much of the sexual innuendo, I asked Angel how she preferred me these days–“Locked or Not?”  She said she had hoped we’d be able to have one more “romp” before I was locked up again (so she HAD been thinking about it, anyway!) but she said “You KNOW I like it locked!” So that both did and didn’t really answer the question, but it did clarify enough that I wouldn’t really feel too bad about locking myself up again at the end of the weekend!

Saturday evening was not nearly as busy so we did manage to get to bed at a half decent hour and picked up where we had to leave off that morning.  It didn’t take very long at all for things to start getting hot and heavy again, and I was able to bring Angel to multiple orgasms in a pretty short amount of time.  For a finale I was allowed to be inside her to have my own, as well. It felt wonderful, as they always do; but perhaps especially knowing that this just MIGHT be the last “real” orgasm that I would have for a little while!

Sunday came around and we busied ourselves with normal things like getting everyone out for church in the morning, followed by lunch, naps for the kids, and in the case of THIS weekend, a Super Bowl party!  Late last evening, after everyone had settled down for the night I found some time to myself and went ahead and locked myself back into the Queen’s Keep to begin Round 2.  I sealed the keys in a small envelope to leave out once again for Angel to find.  On it, I wrote a very simple note, probably the shortest I’ve ever left for her.  It simply stated: “Happy February! 🙂 ”

Will Angel elect to keep me locked up for the entire month, even around Valentine’s Day? Will it extend even well BEYOND the end of the month?  Only time will tell!

  1. Canary's Pet says:

    As arousing as I find that level of submission to be, we’ve talked and we enjoy each other’s genitals to much to go that long. We’ve considered keeping me denied an orgasm for that long but it still would involve plenty of intercourse as she doesn’t want me turning into a one-pump chump and I can respect that. We’ve always had really good sex with lots of mutual orgasms. She has no interest in sexually ruining me and I know enough to understand that whatever desire I have to be sexually ruined is not a healthy one. We want to use chastity to empower her sexually and to enhance our sex-life together. I have never had a problem obeying my wife, even when I was coming 2-3 times a day and I sure as hell was never a guy to shut off emotionally after orgasm. In fact, my favorite after orgasm activity has ALWAYS been to give her one more for good measure (manually or orally) and cuddle up to her and do some soul spilling. Chastity isn’t a means to male subservience for us. Lady Canary already has an incredibly obedient pet/workhorse. Like I said, for us it’s a means of enhancing her position and getting us more excited for sex. I love wearing it all day every day but I also love that she frequently lets me out to make her come and then locks me back up.

  2. I think being locked is amazing for a male. It sounds like you are more into it than she is. Does she know why you love it so?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes she knows, and I know she SEES it too, every time I’m locked. She does really get into “keeping” me locked too, it’s just in the interim periods that I’m not always sure how into it she is. But even this time around, she seemed to be genuinely happy to find my note with the keys. I think she just hasn’t quite gotten herself to the point of actually ASKING me to lock it up. It will eventually come! 🙂

      • It’s interesting to see the growth in that direction. Seems a bit backwards but I’ve known many men who love being locked but didn’t always have someone willing to be the one to hold the key. Glad she is warming to the idea. 🙂

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