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I was going to try to get this post out about a week ago, but then ended up spending about five days straight in bed with a nasty stomach flu…  I wanted to talk a little bit more about the Anti-Pullout options that I have with the Queen’s Keep.  Previously, I had tried the shortest version of the “blunt” anti-pullout pin, and really for the most part could barely tell it was there at all!  (see previous Anti-Pullout post, here) For this round of chastity, I went on up to the medium length blunt pin.


Thank You for 5000 Views

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity

I am constantly amazed by how many people seem to enjoy reading what I write about my experiences with Male Chastity, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve just hit 5000 views just four months after starting this blog! I do appreciate everybody who has read, and commented. It’s always nice hearing other’s opinions/experiences as they relate to my own!

It is also still very interesting watching my world-map continue to grow (and become much more colorful!), as I’ve been picking up readers now from 57 different countries so far!  Amazing!  Granted, the vast majority of people who view me are from the U.S., and about 85% are from only 5 total countries, but that still leaves a LOT of views happening from the remaining 50+ countries in the list!  So I just want to say to everyone, everywhere (but only in English, sorry!) a big THANK YOU!! This has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to continuing to write down my experiences as I go even deeper down the path of chastity!

Here is the current mapping of my readers, as compared to my First 1000 Views.  Quite a difference!

2015-02-24 Views 2015-02-24 Country List-B


Last night I got the first feedback from Angel regarding my note about Long Term Chastity, but not exactly in the way I expected!  I had actually gone and laid down in bed a little early, trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold that I was feeling coming on, while Angel was still up finishing some work that she had to bring home. When she did come to bed, she asked if I was still awake, which I “barely” was.. She tried starting a conversation about what she had read (my note) earlier in the day, asking if I really wanted to stay locked all the way until my Birthday??  I wasn’t sure I was really awake enough to have that conversation right then, but managed to mumble something about being willing to go that long if SHE wanted to try it!  She commented about that being a LONG time (which it is!), then it seemed to drop at that for the time.  Eventually, she rolled over and turned off the lights, saying we could talk more about it later…

BUT THEN, as I was snuggling up behind her and truly starting to drift off to sleep, Angel suddenly grabbed my hand and guided it down to her crotch in a clear indication that she wanted some attention! Somewhat late, on a work night even… That virtually never happens anymore since we started having kids! 🙂


One thing I failed to mention in my last post, is that I AM actually locked again! Yesterday evening as I was finishing writing down my ideas for Angel, I did go ahead and lock the Queen’s Keep back on. So if she DOES decide to go for a longer period, it it already in effect as of February 15, after only one day of being “free.”

We will see where things go from here!


As I alluded to in my last Valentine’s post, Angel and I did start having a conversation about possibly doing some longer periods of chastity.  A couple of the main issues that we have with this are:

  1. She thoroughly enjoys having me unlocked on occasion for “real” sex. (And so do *I*, I’m not going to lie about that!)
  2. We both rather enjoy leaving the “power” in her hands, to decide at any particular moment in time whether she wants to unlock me or not.

So we are both rather hesitant about setting a hard end date and saying that I HAVE TO stay locked until that time with no exceptions.  One “middle ground” option that was mentioned, was to be locked up for a set amount of time, but it wouldn’t technically be a hard limit because she would still get the option to let me out any time she wishes.  If she DOES unlock me, I would lock the device back on again immediately after we are finished playing, whether I actually have an orgasm during that time or not.  Angel did say that she might not mind at some point, if we were to put the keys back in the lockbox again (see my CarliLock post to read about previous experience with this), but we’d have to think about how much time to put on it.


Valentine’s Day started off pretty low-key for Angel and I, but ended with a bang! Coming off of one kid being sick the day before, we weren’t going to get him out in the cold at all, but Angel decided to run down to Dunkin Doughnuts for some of their little heart-shaped, cookie dough filled goodness, for breakfast.  We had some good time with the boys, exchanged some chocolates, cards, etc. and then just had pretty much a normal Saturday with the family.  It was fun!  In the evening though, once the kids were both in bed, the fun could REALLY start!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity

Here’s wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day! If you have a significant other in your life, I hope you get to spend some quality time with them. And if you’re single, don’t let the lack of a partner get you down; go have some fun anyways!

I’m still unsure if my “locked or not” status will be changing this weekend or not. It will completely depend on Angela’s feelings on the matter! I do know we’re for sure staying in for the night, as our 3-year old had to stay home sick on Friday so we won’t be risking having him go anywhere else quite yet. (It was a real bummer for HIM, as he had to miss his first little Valentine’s party at his pre-school..)  But as I’ve said before, we don’t need to go out.  We can still find ways to have our own fun once the kiddos go to bed!  🙂



Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly!  I find it funny sometimes that this one day is set aside as supposedly the most “romantic” time of the year.. Why is it only on this day that so many people take the time to buy their significant other nice presents, and actually say “I Love You?”


One week is behind me now for “round 2” of being locked in the Queen’s Keep. It was a relatively uneventful week. Angel and I did manage to find some time to fool around over the weekend, which is ALWAYS great! Just one week though, doesn’t really have me at the point yet where I almost can’t stand it to not get a release for myself… (more…)


I’ve been unlocked for a little while now, until today!  It was 16 days free, according to my Current Status page.  I had been contemplating going back in earlier, but Angel hadn’t said any more about it since we last took the device off a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes, I do almost feel a little bad about always locking myself then dumping the keys on her.  I know she does enjoy it when I’m locked, but she hasn’t ever really taken a notion to ask me to go back in on her own.  I don’t know… Am I pushing this on her too hard?