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Five Weeks in the Keep

Five full weeks have gone by with me being locked continuously in the Queen’s Keep, and STILL counting!  Other than the fact that my level of horniness seems to keep growing exponentially, physically speaking I have still seen no ill-effects whatsoever from wearing this device!  The tiny bit of chafing that I had started to see right at the bottom edge of the cage, has not returned at all since I started applying lotion to that area.  As long as I reapply a small amount of lotion (there as well as right behind the base ring) right after I get out of the shower, that seems to be sufficient to keep things moving freely enough not to cause any more issues.

However, it does seem like I’m getting to the point where I am just SO horny, for SO long, that I would REALLY like to be out and have a real orgasm at some point!  I’ve gotten to this same place pretty much every other time I’ve been in a long lock-up period, but before I started this blog I never really tracked very closely how long it took to get here.  So apparently the answer is about 5 weeks!

But as long as I can continue pleasing Angel, my “predicament” continues to be bearable.  She really loves putting her Hitachi Magic Wand between my legs and riding it, grinding herself on it right on top of me until she comes time and time again.  All I can do is keep thrusting upwards as if I’m inside her but really all I’m doing is moving the wand around for her a little more.  Still, it is such an erotic experience that I can feel my own body sharing in the pleasure for every orgasm that she has!

After about the fourth one of these the other night, I was pretty much exhausted (normally how I’d feel after just ONE “real” orgasm!) and I could tell that Angel was winding down as well.  She wasn’t quite finished yet though, and I let her know that I could handle one more if she wanted to! She immediately climbed back on top of me and started in on the wand again.  She expressed how happy she was that I could keep going this long, and she knows there is no way that could happen when I’m not locked!  So really, even though it seemed cruel she was doing this for BOTH of us!  (For a side-bar, I had teased that she was “cruel” earlier when she not only wasn’t going to let me out, but was resting the magic wand directly against my cage! With that kind of stimulation it’s almost amazing that I didn’t just come right through it myself!)  🙂

As I told Angel later, when we were finally drifting off to sleep: Who knew, that NOT coming could be so freaking amazing?!

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