Innocence of a Child

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity


Kind of a funny thing happened when I got home from work yesterday.  My 3 year old came running as usual to greet me at the back door, excitedly shouting “Daddy, daddy!” Before I could get my bags set down to give him a proper hug, he ends up plowing headfirst into me… right into the crotch! Lol  He kind of bounced backwards about a foot, with a rather puzzled look on his face.  Thinking quickly I pulled my phone out of my pocket and said “Be careful buddy, or you’ll hurt yourself on daddy’s phone!”

He seemed to accept that answer and went right back to playing, as if nothing had happened.  Ah, if he only knew!  🙂

  1. ariana64 says:

    Um, yeah! Really quick thinking on your part 🙂 Gave me quite a chuckle though, so thank you.


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