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Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity


Have a Happy New Year, everybody! I’ve never been much for making resolutions, but as a prediction I do have a feeling that I will be spending a large part of this year locked in chastity. We’re certainly off to a good start so far!


I have to admit when I first locked myself in the Queen’s Keep and gave Angel the keys, I really wasn’t sure that my first “longer” experience with it would make it quite THIS long. But here we are three weeks in, and still going strong!


We were driving home from the in-laws house the other night following some very busy, tiring days of Christmas activities. Angel looked over and asked if I was “too tired” or not. Of course I knew what she was referring to, and let her know I’d be up for whatever she had in mind! She was happy about that and made it a point to say that I wouldn’t be getting out that night though, because she hasn’t been taking her birth control recently. (We just had our newest baby recently and chances are that might be it for us.. Keeping options open for now though!) It’s always fun seeing her take advantage of the control I’ve given her and to blatantly deny me like that.  It was interesting though, hearing her throw that out as a “reason” to deny me that night!

It got me thinking.  I’ve written before about Chastity as a Game, and Chastity as a Lifestyle, but Chastity as a form of birth control?  I’d say YES!  Great idea! Traditionally speaking, even as far as other birth control options have come these days the only 100% effective way to not get pregnant (outside of a tubal or vasectomy) is with complete abstinence.  (more…)


Merry Christmas everyone!  Locked or not, I hope you all get everything your hearts desire.  I know I certainly am! And remember that when it comes to chastity (along with most things in life), it does pay to Be Careful What You Wish For! You never know when it might just come true!  🙂


I came up with a few verses as a slight variation of a classic Christmas Carol!  Not really a brand new idea, as I’ve seen something similar on another forum somewhere. (I was going to link to it but at the moment I can’t seem to find it for the life of me!) That was more from a Key-holder’s perspective anyway, whereas mine is from the “Chaste’s” point of view.  Some is a little cheesy, I know. I almost didn’t even post it, but ah what the heck–It’s Christmas Eve, right?! 🙂

I haven’t exactly fired up a soundtrack to sing any of this out loud, but it should fit pretty well to the tune of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas!”

I’ll Be Locked For Christmas


Thank You for 1000 Views

Posted: December 24, 2014 in Male Chastity

Wow, 1000 views!  And it’s barely been two months since I started blogging for the first time! I know that’s still small potatoes as far as internet “hits” go, but still I never thought I’d have so many views that quickly! I know I do alright, but I’ve never really considered myself to be a particularly great writer or anything.

I have to say it is kind of fun though, seeing how many people visit every day and watching my story slowly propagate into new countries all around the world! l have been read in about 21 different countries so far across North America, a big chunk of Western Europe, and a little bit in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

So to all who visit and/or follow this blog I say Thank You! I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I’ve been enjoying writing them down!


Two Weeks in the Keep

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


I have completed two full weeks of 24×7 lockup in the Queen’s Keep! This week has been a bit harder than the first, but for much different reasons! My first week in this device was very uneventful. I had a lot of build-up to being locked and giving the keys over to Angel, but then due to very poor timing she was so caught up with her work at the time that this type of thing couldn’t have been further from the front of her mind.  It was a fairly stressful week all around the house. The chastity itself wasn’t particularly difficult for that week, as there was very little “sexual energy” going on to keep me very horny!  The hard part that week was more about the unknown… I had no idea how Angel would react to a new, steel device on me!  But then came week two!


Wow, wow, WOW!! Last night turned into a pretty incredible night after we finally got to bed! Angel was laying there all anxious to see the new device again and get a better look at it, so of course I was happy to oblige! I asked if she liked it, and she does–just still worried that it would “hurt” me. I assured her again that it doesn’t hurt a bit. I compared it to wearing any other sort of jewelry. Anything from a wedding band around the finger to piercings that some people will put all over their body; this was just a “larger” ring, in a different place. And it happened to serve another purpose of containing erections and thereby denying orgasms until it gets taken off! She seemed to feel a lot better with that answer.

Anyhow, it wasn’t long then before the REAL fun began!


It’s been a rather long couple weeks around our house, but at last Angel did manage to finish up all of the work that she had to have done before her extended holiday break! Furthermore, it may not have happened exactly like I imagined (what ever does? Lol) but she has seen the Queen’s Keep!


Reader Question: Why So Long?

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity


I had a question from a reader that I felt would be better to address with a new post.

becomingHIS asked:

I’m sorry if I’m getting too much in to your business but how can a week go by & her not see it yet? I’m just really sad to hear that. Is she not in to it as much as you are? I mean, you wrote the limerick to go along with giving her the new key. Do you never pass each other in the bathroom while you’re getting ready for work? I saw my ex-husband’s penis multiple times a day, whether I wanted to or not. I just don’t understand.


One Week in the Keep

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


I have made it through my first full week of being locked in the Queen’s Keep!  So far, Angel still hasn’t seen it, so I can’t speak to her reaction yet. But the device itself is still amazingly comfortable! Most of the time, I truly don’t even notice it’s there!


Often times it seems that “No news is Good news,” so likewise is No reaction a Good reaction? Two full evenings/nights have passed since I’ve been locked in the Queen’s Keep and slipped the keys to Angel, but so far she hasn’t said a word about it, and hasn’t seen the new device at all..  I know that she knows I’ve locked myself up again; that’s nothing new to her anymore. But for all I know she’s likely just assuming it’s still with the CB-6000s. I mean, even if she opened the envelope and found the strange looking keys that go to the security screw, I suppose the “something new” that I wrote to her about could be interpreted as just a new type of lock or something like that…

Ha, there’s a nice blast from the past, reminiscing from my childhood!  🙂

It’s officially a Go, with the Queen’s Keep! I’ve had it on since yesterday morning; I put it on then and wore it all day and night for one last test. This morning, I had to verify one last time that the screw was still working. I didn’t take it all the way out but just tightened it up again and left the keys sealed in this envelope, in a place for Angel to find them.


I’m certain she’s gotten the message, but I haven’t heard anything from her about it yet. I suspect I won’t, either, until we’re both home this evening and can have a proper conversation about it! I do still have to do WORK today, though I’ll bet this stays at or near the forefront of my mind pretty much the whole time. The anticipation is killing me! 🙂

My Current Status page is updated with the new dates, here.


I wrote this little poem (a limerick) to leave with my keys, when turning them over to Angel for the first time with the new device:

Locked Limerick
Free for a while, now time for a debut
Stay alert for something shiny and new
When you have these keys
It is quite the tease!
You’ll have O’s aplenty, while mine are few!

Keep in mind at this point she is not aware of the Queen’s Keep.  I sure hope all goes well once she learns the meaning of the embedded riddle!


Try, try again! Great advice for any situation, I think, including chastity.  My first round of testing the Queen’s Keep ended with a near mishap where I could not get the security screw back out at all. Thankfully I wasn’t actually WEARING the device when that happened!  But after sending it back to Mature Metal for some adjustments & new screws/keys, round two is so far so good!


It’s back!  My Queen’s Keep arrived back today, and looks to be better than ever!  The first thing I see is that the padlock I sent does in fact now lay flat against the cage.  So if I still don’t like (or trust) the security screw, at least now this may be another option that I can try out some more. I like how the lock really doesn’t move around at all when it’s in place! Much better than the CB-6000s, where the lock would bounce up and down against the cage. In reality I’m probably the only one who ever actually noticed the sound it made, but I was always a bit self-conscious about it!

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