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Temporary Freedom

I’m out!  After basically 7 weeks of being locked continuously in the CB-6000s, Angel did decide to go ahead and take it off last night.  Officially I’d have to call it a good 49 days (maybe a few hour shy of that), making this the second longest duration I’ve gone to date.  My personal longest right now is 60 days, just a little bit short of 9 full weeks.

She had considered letting me out earlier in the weekend, but we were both so exhausted by the end of those days that we ended up falling asleep a little early both nights.  In the mornings, when we USED to get some playtime, now more often that not we end up with a toddler jumping around in bed with us so that time is out!

Last night though, after getting the kids to bed we started playing around a bit and Angel let me help her to multiple orgasms again.  I could practically feel myself inside her the whole time, even if only in my head (obviously all I could really feel was myself pressing up and TRYING to get hard against the inside of the cage!)  I asked if she was still going to let me out that weekend, and at first she was fairly adamant about NO, that was yesterday–she had changed her mind now!  I kept on it though, continuing to ask (she says “begging”) if she would just let me get a feel inside her… and eventually she was so turned on and worked up herself that the answer changed to OKAY!  That took me aback for a second and I had to ask to be sure, “Seriously?”  And she said yes.. she really wanted to feel me right then too.  She got out the keys and within a minute I was out of the device and finding my way inside her.  I can’t say it lasted particularly long, as seems to often be the case after an extended lock-up, but it was wonderful!  She could feel it too, and I’m pretty certain she had herself another orgasm at about the same time that I did!

I suppose in a way it might have been nice to have kept going a little longer to see if we could get closer to (or even past) my previous record.  But Angel wanted me out, so I came out!  And yes, I did really want out too.  I had been locked for 7 weeks but it was probably the better part of 3 months since I’d actually had an orgasm, being how we just had a baby during that time and all!  And did I have somewhat of an ulterior motive for continuing to press her until she changed her mind on letting me out last night?  Yea, I suppose I did…  Because now I will also be able to start trying out the Queen’s Keep! 🙂

We’ll see how things go with that, and as long as I don’t encounter any major issues and don’t need any extra little adjustments at this point, I’ll start trying to figure out a good way to introduce Angel to my new device as well. Otherwise it probably won’t be too long before I’ll end up locked back in the CB-6000s. Either way, I’m sure my time of “freedom” will be fairly short-lived!

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